Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hi from one crazy quilter........

Hi I'm Pat Sloan... a crazy obsessed quilter... some of you know that already!

I want to do the Lollipop quilt..

but my friend Monica showed me the heart quilt from the Quilted Romance book...

SWOON.. we both convinced ourselves it's easier... yes we DID ... plus we convinced at least TWO others to play with us!

That is the quilt at the top
....this is as far as I've gotten

stay tuned.. news at 11....
pat sloan


  1. Mmmmm - what a delicious pile of fabric you have there! ; D Glad to have you join us, Pat. I will be anxious to watch your progress.

    And, do I spy an ORANGE rotary cutting mat on your table...?!?!?!?

  2. Hope you don't mind my asking -- but what is that gorgeous fabric on the right? I'm drooling over your choice of fabrics!!

  3. I am in on this one Pat. I have the hearts prepped ready and have cut out all the background fabrics and may even get round to doing a bit more on it sometime soon. I just LOVE this quilt. Shall look forward to the progress. I am using a deep lavender for the back ground!!

  4. I will be VERY slow.. but hey.... it's fun.. crazy fun!

    All the fabric I"m using is either Joel Dewberry or Amy Butler.. ALL very old... 3 to 5 yrs old

    ahhhh... that mat will be OUT SOON! The mat is new with my new blade sharpening rulers... the Sullivans Edge! The mat is red on the other side.. watch the videos!

  5. Hi Pat, what gorgeous fabrics! it is always a start by getting the fabric together. My choice was easy, I had a list of what fabrics to work from and of course the new batch, it was great.
    Look forward to seeing your centre - what is in the heart? Cheers, Kim McL

  6. I am fabric-obsessed, I admit !! I can look ,and drool over this gorgeous fabric for a week. Simply beautiful.


    -Samya ;-)

  7. This is such a beautiful quilt! You have inspired me to buy the book, even though I am a beginner it is such wonderful eye candy and a thought of what I perhaps may accomplish one day...

  8. I think those fabrics are going to be glorious Pat. The rulers and mat look pretty good to me.

  9. Had to smile as I just used the same fabric on the right for a leaf on the second block I am working on from Roseville.


  10. Lovely to see you here Pat. I adored making this quilt, can't wait to see yours. Love all the orange.