Tuesday, March 31, 2015

We have sold over 1000 Flower Pot patterns without any negative feedback until this week. A customer found an error and she is indeed, correct.  The printed tissue paper pattern for the top and bottom borders (with the birds) measures just under 59".  It should measure 58".  This means that you may need to slightly move the birds to fit within the correct size.

We are guessing the reason we have not heard about this before is that applique has a way of shrinking up the background. Most people sew onto a larger than needed piece of background and after stitching, measure and trim to size.

The customer who found the problem fused the pieces so the usual shrinking didnt happen.


  1. Thanks, Liza. This is still such a wonderful pattern.

  2. Oh my! What a beautiful, beautiful pattern!!! I've not seen it before and will have to put this on my list to make. It's a Stunner!!!

  3. Did you know that the paper pattern for the borders actually mentions "top" border for the one that is at the bottom in the picture that goes with the pattern? To me it makes more sense to have that one actually at the top, since the border with the birds and butterflies feels "lighter".