Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A Finish!

My version of Kim's beautiful pattern is finally finished! I have always thought of the the little song "All God's Creatures Have A Voice In The Choir" when working on this quilt and while I don't often name my quilts that is definitnately the name of this one.

I am a hand appliquer but I chose to machine applique this one. I used a blanket stitch and King Tut variegated thread.

It did not speed up the process one bit, I started it six years ago, but it has been a joy to stitch and looking at my blog noticed I had 27 different posts with Roseville Album mentioned with progress and process pictures.

I did change up the outer border with more circles and semi circles.

I finished it by quilting my initials and the year over the house at the top.

Again, it has been a joy!

Happy Stitching All,




  1. Your quilt is just stunning - so beautiful!! I recently did a large quilt with machine appliqué also and it still took quite some time. Nice border you designed also!

  2. Oh, it's so lovely! I love the change to the border. It accents the center instead of competing with it. Nice Job!

  3. Your quilt is positively stunning!!!
    I am an improvisational quilter but greatly admire some traditional quilts. This one is a beauty - and I love the machine blanket stitching.

  4. Love it! it's worth the wait and like the different border...I changed mine also...if I use a pattern I usually change makes it where you put the date...

  5. Congratulations on the big finish! It's beautiful!

  6. Gorgeous! Congratulations on your finish! (Mine is languishing away in a bin, so I'm jealous) It's really lovely!

  7. Congratulations Cheri on such a Gorgeous finish!

  8. Wow, what a beauty! Congratulations :-)

  9. That is just beautiful! I like the border, congratulations on finishing!

  10. How delighted I am to see a new post on this blog and such a gorgeous one at that! It can take sustained focus to complete one of Kim's designs, but it's so worth the effort.

  11. Hello Cherie,
    Apologies for not seeing your post before today! I haven't been checking up this blog for ages. Your quilt is absolutely stunning! I love the border too, it complements the quilt beautifully! Would you consider joining us in the Glorious Applique Facebook that has been set up recently? I'd love you to re post in the GA FB. People have been finding it hard to post in this blog, pictures won't load up and some can't even sign in, not sure why. Below is the link:

    We'd all love to see your work!