Sunday, August 7, 2011

Roseville block 1

Here is my contribution to this blog.

I was very happy, that Janet got it all work out,
so I could join this group of talentet Quilters.
Thank you for that! Its is truly an honor.

I am doing Roseville, and here is my first block

The hardest part for me, is to choose the right color thread to match the fabric.
I dont have that many different colors. Yet. But I am working on that.


  1. Camilla, your block looks wonderful! Looking forward to see more!
    I love to use a colour thread that blends well with almost all coloured fabrics. Kind of dark grey/beige.

  2. Welcome Camilla! that is the first block I did too. I am wayyyyy behind. Looks great!

  3. Gorgeous Camilla, love the fabrics you've chosen for your fruits! Keep up the good work, look forward to seeing more, KimMcL

  4. Your block looks wonderful, I really love the fruit. I definitely need to pick out which pattern I'm going to do next, I really miss working with those happy fabrics since finishing the lollipops.

  5. What a beautiful block! Wonderful fabric choices. I had a hard time choosing thread colors too, because there are several different colors in each piece. I can't see your stitches so you've chosen well. : )

  6. It looks fabulous Camilla! I'll look forward to seeing your progress, you choose fabrics so well.

  7. Your block is lovely! Did you know that Superior Threads has 2 "Frosted Donuts" which each have 36 colors of thread on prewound bobbins? This way you get many colors of Masterpiece 100% cotton thread without having to buy larger spools.