Thursday, April 26, 2012

Flower Garden progress

I've been meaning to post these photos for awhile and some may have seen them over on my blog, so excuse the repeat. I wanted to put them here in the hopes I might get motivated to get a wiggle on with it.
I chose this gorgeous old Kaffe fabric called Floral dance for the sashing. What an appropriate name, might have to call my quilt something like that.
Pandemonium news.
Some of you might have missed the discussion where Kim offered to do online lessons for the Pandemonium quilt which was posted in the comments here so in case you missed it, read on.

"This is going to be fun! seeing I've never done an "online class" - shall we just muddle along and see how we go? Let me know if you would like me to go over something in more / less detail.

I'm going to be internet-less for about 8 to 10 days, so in the mean time, you might like to start cutting up the freezer paper templates and bag them in a zip lock bags?

A tip - when you are cutting up those freezer paper templates, say a bird - number the body as 1 and the tail 1-2 and the wing 1-3 and if you make a slash mark on the wing/body join and a double slash mark on the tail/body join BEFORE you cut the pieces, it will make it easier to position the parts together. By numbering the applique pieces as described, you'll be able to see which part belongs to what. I also don't cut the parts all the way till I get to iron them on the print fabrics - so, if taking that bird as an example, leave a little part of the body/tail and body/wing joins so they are just still attached. I hope you are getting what I'm trying to say? may be I'll do a sample and photograph it and do a post?

The other thing you need to decide is the applique background fabrics. These blocks are surrounded by pieced blocks. So, you may have to consider that it might be good to have a contrast between the applique background and the pieced block backgrounds. I wanted to use the shot cotton/ prints for the pieced blocks, so a print fabric like the "spots" might be good. You can use different colour fabrics for the applique background. Don't worry about things not co-ordinating together. This quilt has soo many things in it, that most fabrics will go together ( within the genre that is - might not go too well putting Kaffe's and '30s fabric).If you haven't tried those shot cottons, they are really lovely with the Kaffe collective prints.
So - till I get back up in the internet again soon?
Post your fabric choices or whatever else you'd like everyone to see."
Cheers, Kim McL


  1. I wish Kaffe would redo that floral dance fabric. I love it and the colors are just perfect. Love your flower garden quilt too.

  2. How about "The Flowers Dance"? I love your quilt! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I vote yes on that sashing choice and yes on the "floral dance" verbiage. This is an amazing design feat of wild and balance mixed together. Not an easy task. I am new to Kim McL - is this the original or a repro? but wow.

    Graphic Designer Sara over at Jane's Addicted.

  4. The Flower Garden is looking great Janet! and I like the one print sashing, much better than my 1" squares.... where was my brain when I did that?

    Thank you for posting my idea of an "online" class, this is a better place to let everyone know rather than in the comments section. As soon as I get myself organized, I'll start sometimes this week. Kim McL

  5. Hi Kim,
    Which color(s) of the Spots fabric would you recommend as background for Pandemonium?
    I was thinking Water as it is the palest one.... I have not seen any of the white with colored spots in real life before, so am a little hesitant which one to orders yardage of. Btw - how many yards do I need for background in the applique blocks?