Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lollypop Cushion in Quiltmania Magazine

This is the summer edition of Quiltmania, thank you to Quiltmania for supplying me the photos!

And in it, is a Lollypop Cushion, as well as other gorgeous projects.

A good little project if you are new to doing applique! It is a new Lollypop block.  Really easy ....
But, if you are like me, when I do applique, the background fabric somehow shrinks when all the elements are stitched down, might be a good idea to start with a 20" x 20" background fabric and then trim down to the size indicated in the magazine. When I started quilting years and years ago, I bought a pattern and there was applique in triangles, unfortunately because I didn't know any better, I cut the triangles exactly as per template with 1/4" seam allowance, anyway to cut the story short, my applique background shrank after completing the applique and the triangles were a lot smalller than what it should be. I can't remember what happened to that project, but the lesson was learnt though, now I tend to add a decent seam allowance to applique background fabrics!
I used the KF Spots in Apple Green and at the back, I used the KF Marquee fabric, really enjoyed making the cushion, first time ever. K                    


  1. It's a beauty Kim. I love the blues.

  2. Will have to try and get magazine so I can make it,have to use my Kaffee scraps up somehow lol.Beautiful.

  3. Très beau blog que je découvre.
    Comme vous j'apprécie Quilmania et Simply Vintage.
    A bientôt de vous lire!

  4. So cute, it will be wonderful to make a pillow to go with my lollipop quilt.

  5. I'll have to look out for this one, The 2 pillows i made from my "whoops" Flower garden blocks could do with a friend

  6. What a pretty cushion! A great way for someone to "stick their toe in the Lollipop water", rather than jumping into doing the whole quilt. I wouldn't be surprised if those trying the cushion decide they might like a quilt to go with it though? ;)

  7. Thanks everyone, it is a really easy project, it got done in no time, even with the hand quilting! K

  8. Oh my goodness you are a genius! I just finished a 36 block version of Elizabeth Hartman's Little Leaves pattern and it was my first applique. I cut all the square background pieces first and then couldn't figure out for the life of me how I had cut them so poorly when they were all too small and different sizes. Thanks for the insight! I'll always leave myself space to trim in the future.

    1. You poor thing April! Can you add sashings and adjust them back to the original size?
      Most publication houses who produce magazines tend to have their own instruction writing guidelines, and the pattern editor usually will put the precise cutting size. So if the finished size is 12"square, they will write cut 12 1/2" square even if it is a background for appliqué.A bit hard if one is new to appliqué. My pattern packs have the background fabrics cut at a much bigger seam allowance to allow for shrinkage, you can always cut off the excess! K