Sunday, August 5, 2012

I see Stars!

and stars, and stars

Oh so gorgeous!  I enjoyed piecing these babies, well, ok, I did curse a little :)
Only because I am impatient and a perfectionist, two traits that do not mix well.

Ahhhhh, these gorgeous colours, brightens anyones day, well, at least mine.  Only glued down at the moment, waiting for some sewing, I have another border scribbled over, waiting for gluing.
I have been reading the pattern for Pandamonium, oh boy, what an apt name for this quilt, and I read that it was hand pieced?!?! Hey Kim, how many decades did that take you LOL, I love to handpiece, but I would have to live until I am at least 140 to finish the projects on my list, and I am sure new ones would pop up that I just HAD to do.  I did a bit of gardening with my husband today (I would rather 'garden' in my sewing room, 41 sprig blocks that is!) now I have a sweet little garden beside my driveway (new house, don't have anything outside yet)   now, husband happy, watching the olympics, I am watching Dante's Peak, and working on my masterpiece :) Chat soon ladies xx Kelli


  1. Actually, impatient and perfectionist work for us quilters......we PUSH to see something done and it is done well. These blocks and colors just make me happy. I work on Pandemonium when I need cheering. Now I want to start my sprigs and twigs. I have enough fabric for 10 quilts I love it so much....and just want more. I probably need to be medicated. :)

  2. lovely. the color is great. I could just look at it and drool.

  3. I love the colors in the stars-the way they're tossed, they look like paint! And your sprigs border is so luscious looking.

  4. Yes Eileen, I can see that now you mention it, very cool!
    Enough fabric for 10 quilts eh Quilter501? Can I come over and play at your house?
    Cookie, thanks for the compliment, i do drool too, just have to keep it off the fabric LOL

  5. My, what a lot of stars, gorgeous too! Amazing you've got to the borders already, this quilt is going to look happy!
    Yes, I did the Pandemoinum by hand, it is quicker for me as my machining skills are pretty bad, I seem to end up a lot of reverse sewing. K

    1. How do you get all that handwork done? I am children at home any more and think I sew all day long mostly with machines...and then evenings I do hand applique....but I could never get a quilt like any of these done in a lifetime totally by hand. AND I LOVE HANDWORK.....just don't understand?????? :)

  6. Great stars!
    Oh Kim, I am exactly the same. Thanks for saying that. Handwork is so much easier for me.

  7. Beautiful work, Kelli! Love the colors. I have all my stars done too except for the outer corners. Isn't it fun to have that whole pile of stars to look at and flip through?? I have only gotten the vines done on my borders so I loved seeing yours! Knee replacement surgery coming up for me so I hope to have lots of hand applique time.

  8. Kelli, your stars are gorgeous. The fabric choices make them sing. I took a break in machine piecing mine but seeing all you accomplished makes me want to get back to it. Those are blocks I definitely do by machine but I am finding I get much more accomplished by hand these days since my machine time is so limited.