Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lollypop Trees

It's a long time I haven't published anything... but I was reading your posts:)

To be honnest, I prefer to knit during the cold months of the year... and to sew during the warm months! So I'm back and nothing can stop me!!!

Block n°1 finished

and block n°2 in progress...

What I love with this quilt it's like a coloring book where I can chose the colors I want!


  1. Glad that you are back and working on your blocks, I have a couple more lollipops prepped and can't wait to put them together Also. Can't wait to see your next block.

  2. Such pretty blocks Sonja. Sometimes, it's good to pick up some knitting in winter for a change.

  3. Glad you're back to applique again Sonja, we missed seeing your work. Lovely block! Kim McL

  4. Very pretty! I like your mix of "quiet" blocks and those that have a bit more color. :)