Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hello out there!

I managed to sew the 9 blocks with the sashings and prepped all of the borderblocks. At once over several weeks. I also have some borderblocks sewn already(?)

Meanwhile i was thinking of the cornerblocks (multitasking, you know how it goes)
I went for the regular applique (the block with the stem) first, but then i decided i could as well finish up that fabric 'serendipity' by Paula Nadelstern since i only had some serious swiss cheese left of it and make the inner circles, also the needleturn funky not exactly circle way. Question : the left (on red) or the right (on leftover squares) on the top.
What do you think? Personally i think i go for the red squares now, but it wouldn't be the first time i change my mind. So i would like to hear from you. (who wouldn't)

And then, i have another question i hope you can help me with : my design wall is made of insulation plates covered with that sticky fabric from clover you buy in precut packs, 1 size only. I think it seriously needs some washing. Can i do that? Because of course, i do not have the packaging anymore and i don't know of a store here that carries that so i could go take a peek.

To all of you, i wish you very happy seasonal holidays and a magnificent 2012 (already?) with plenty of time to do what you enjoy most.


  1. Definitely red corner blocks for me.

  2. You can't go wrong with the red in my book. It really is looking fantastic. I don't know about the design wall material but if you hand washed it and maybe replaced the sticky stuff with quilt basting spray?

  3. I'd have to say I prefer the red too...and I just have to say your quilt top sure looks pretty!
    I'm not any help on the sticky fabric issue. Could you read the info off another package? Surely there must be someplace online where you could see it..or go directly to her website?
    Otherwise..maybe try removing the threads. etc with tape or a lint roller? Good luck! :)

  4. Red! It IS my favorite color, but I also think it flows with the rest of the quilt. The Paula Nadlelstern fabric, while beautiful, fights against the quilt and draws your eye, making me wonder if you've made a substitution because you ran out of that lovely red. Just my 2 cents! ; ) Merry Christmas! Your quilt is lovely and I have been enjoying watching this one evolve. Thank you for sharing!