Tuesday, February 21, 2012

" Pandemonium Quilt" - the pond & fountain panels

This is the top right corner of the quilt, next to the section shown in the previous post. The borders are the 3"pinwheel blocks and print squares.

I love ponds whatever shape or size they are, preferably those with water lilies and lotus flowers in them. At my childhood home, there was a large octagonal one, full of water lilies and fish, they look like goldfish but a lot bigger. I fell into it once and nearly drowned trying to catch tadpoles. It must have been a significant event because I can still remember the silt in my mouth and the murky water after being stirred up. Those lollypop figures lined up at the back are supposed to be standard trees in huge pottery containers, Mum had those too in her garden behind the pond. This is a real a fun panel to sew, with the swans, frogs and turtles, it is 30" x 15". I did some embroidery edging around the pond to give it a bit more definition. The lilies stems are also basic stem stitch.

The other panel is the "the fountain" - the TV shows with the castles had fountains a plenty. Can't remember which one it was, but in this program / episode, the fountain was framed by a rose arbour in bloom in the foreground and it looked so gorgeous. There are lots of circles in this block, but if you bag the circles for each jet of water, it goes quite fast. Or, how about joining all the circles into a contiuous water jet. This panel is 21"x12".

Will continue with the other sections of the quilt soon, cheers, Kim McL


  1. How fantastic to get the sneek peeks a little bit at a time. That way we won't all hyperventilate at the gorgeousness of it all. The blocks are stunning Kim.

  2. Love the cat in the bottom left of the pond block, that shell fabric is unbelievably brilliant and the rose arbor in the ombre fabric .. to die for, Each of these blocks alone would make fabulous wall art.

  3. I love all of the details in the pond. We have a koi pond in our yard and I've had to go in to fish out branches after storms, or for maintainance. Yuk!
    Much nicer to enjoy the lilies and fish from the edge.
    Your fountain is gorgeous!

  4. This is stunning,I'm looking forward to the rest of this beauty!

  5. This is my favourite block in the whole quilt!