Sunday, November 10, 2013


I am just completing my last panel of the Roseville Album quilt.  I am wondering what is the best method to use in trimming the panels to the finished size. 



  1. Hi Mary,

    How I do mine is as follows:

    Using the machine stitched horizontal and verical centre lines, measure from the centre line half the width or height of panel. Say panel is 60" x 20", then, measure 30" from the centre line of the length, mark this line on the wrong side. Do same with the width, measure 10" from the centre line, then mark this line also. Using the previously marked line, measure 60" and mark this line. Again do same for the width, measure from the previously marked line, 20". This way you will have the correct 60" x 20". Hope this helps, K

  2. I do something similar. I don't sew the center lines; but I do mark with a permanent marker the center of each side by putting a small dash line on the seams of the block on all 4 center points to keep the center mark references. I line a ruler on the top and bottom lines and find the middle like Mary does with her sewn lines. But before I cut, I check the sides of the block to see if there are equal parts of background left on either sides (by measuring the distance of the closest design on that side to the seam allowance of the background.) The design might be shuffled just a little, enough to make the block look off center. It could be my skills; but occasionally I have adjusted the cut a little bit to keep the design centered. Then I do the same thing to the left/right seam allowances.
    I can't wait to see your blocks and top.