Monday, May 9, 2011

Hello everybody,

Yesterday i was able to go to Veldhoven, Holland, to see the OEQC quilt exhibit, despite a severe cold. (what quilter would let a cold come between her and beautiful quilts to see!)
Amongst 36 Baltimore quilts that had hung in Houston last autumn, there he (she?) was : Kim's quilt in person. As you can see, i took a couple of close-up photo's and was even able to take a shot from the backing that wasn't covered by the decor.
I was so glad to see all those Baltimore quilts, it really was worth it.

I'm still working -again, now that i finished quilting- on block 6 of the Lollipops. Hope to show pics soon.

Enjoy the sewing,


  1. Francoise,can you email me please, I sent you mail and it might be in your junk box.

  2. Francoise, thank you for the lovely photos, glad you liked the exhibition. The photo of the backing has been removed for security reasons.Cheers, Kim McL

  3. Fun! Lucky you to get to see Kim's quilt--glad your cold didn't stop you! Thanks for sharing and hope you are feeling better!

  4. Thank you for sharing Francoise, it must have been a thrill to see the quilt in the flesh. I bet it inspired you to keep stitching.