Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lollypop Trees :: Block 2 finished

And block 3 in progress ;)



  1. Lovely, cheerful block Sonja! Love all the colours, Kim McL

  2. Wow, this looks great. It never seems to stop amazing me seeing those lovely blocks. They are all so different even if you girls use the same pattern.
    We are a group of Danish quilters who have started a Scandinavian blog as a pendent to the Glorious Applique blog. We would have love to join you, but as we know there's no more room here. You'll find it here:
    Most of us are just starting to build the stash to make one of Kim's great patterns ... and are building courage to tackle them. We find a lot of inspiration with you girls.
    If there are any scandiavian quilters out there who would like to come join us, please do.

  3. Wow Helene, I'm going to check it now now! Kim McLean

  4. Love the springtime colors, I just think every block is like a journey, from picking out the fabrics to the end. I also like that they are also different.

  5. That's a great block Sonja, I love how the pink and yellow play together so lovely.

  6. Nice Artwork! Beautiful! Good Job!...Daniel