Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I am now on the long bottom square
the one with the 2 trees.
I need suggestions on how to applique the
I cut freezer paper out with the tree,
also marked it on my background
someone suggested that I not cut the outline out
of my tree fabric.  Lots of bulk there,
any suggestions will be appreciated!!!!!
thanks Paula


  1. This panel was fun to stitch, Paula. It worked well for me to cut the freezer paper template and trace it on the front. I cut out the tree around the outside only. Then I basted the tree to the background along lines of the larger branches. As I stitched, I cut away close to the marked line, clipping curves as I went along. The basting kept the tree nicely in place so the stitching wouldn't distort it very much.

  2. I used wool for the trees on the bottom and top panels - that way you can leave the edges raw. Much easier and it adds a really unique texture to the mix.

  3. Hi Paula, I do the same as Marion, I baste the shape close to the stitching line and only cut away the fabric as I come to it, you won't fray the fabric then.
    There was a tutorial on Cabbage Qult blog last year on Cathy's way of doing these trees, it was rather good.
    It's not that hard if you baste the shape really well. The basting helps keep the curves in place - both the concave and the convex. Let us know how you go! Kim McL

  4. I do the same Marion, using that cut away method, it makes it a lot easier. Looking forward to seeing some of your panel soon.

  5. Hi Paula, here are some pics to front baste it. Might help?
    Cathy xo

  6. thanks, Cathy the link didn't work, help!

  7. Paula, try copying the link and pasting it in your window. That works for me. It doesn't seem to want to activate the link but I'll try it again here:

  8. thanks the link worked. I will definitely try that method.... love love love it....what I was doing certainly was not working....