Thursday, July 28, 2011

Block 7

Here's my block 7 of Kims Lollipops.
It's the first one with some pink in it, as Kim suggested. And I made some more sashings.
Blocks 8 and 9 are already prepped. Will start prepping the border blocks soon.

On another note : is someone going to the 'Festival of Quilts' in Birmingham UK by any chance? I'm going. Maybe we could meet up?

For now : enjoy what you are doing.



  1. Francoise these look amazing,

  2. The addition of the pink looks great! It's a treat to see the blocks together with the sashing. It gives a good idea of how beautiful your finished quilt will be. :)
    Have a great time at the show!

  3. I love how your blocks are coming together, isn't it wonderful to see them all together with the Little blocks between them. Certainly wish I was going to the festival of quilts, you will have to give us a report.

  4. I do like the pinks in the block, they sparkle don't they. When I was young once, putting red and pinks were a no-no, but I think it works really well. Hope you're happy with the result. Look forward to seeing more! Kim McL

  5. Kim was right about adding the pink; it really perks up the overall effect. I see you are including pink in the pieced sashing. It adds lots of sparkle.

  6. For me, it s the piercing bright blue, married with mustard areas that are the POP in your gorgeous quilt. And I like the symmetry too of mirror placement shapes, using the same fabric.
    It is a dramatic and passionate result having such a red emphasis!

  7. Oh I love all of your handi work...such awesome unique talent. Thank you for sharing.

  8. They're all wonderful blocks and the pink really does work well. I especially adore your red background.