Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The last few weeks i have been busy cutting and drawing hundreds of squares for the sashings, since i will be handsewing them.
Put them all in a paper bag so to take them randomly out for sewing.

After sewing a couple of rows i tried it out between the blocks, and guess what : i like it a lot. And i am sure it will even get better.
I'm thinking red cornerstones, same as the background from the blocks.

Enjoy the sewing,


  1. Looking great! You are so energetic to handpiece them!

  2. Lovely Francoise! You're doing really well, can we have a look at the other blocks you've done please? Kim McL

  3. Your sashing looks wonderful! I can't do random..even with drawing the pieces from a bag. If I don't like the one I pull out I drop it back in and pull another. Your quilt shows that system does work..beautifully. :)