Friday, July 22, 2011

My progress...

I have been spending some time stitching my block. It is not finished yet, but here is as far as I have got:

I am having second thoughts about my vase. It looks unbalanced to me. I am not sure whether to change the main fabric or just the applique?? (I have some photos of possible choices on my blog)

The stem fabric I am using is a dark, chocolate brown with tiny, mint green spots and from Lecien.
The 2 favourite fabrics I mentioned in my last post are these:

They are both Phillip Jacobs fabrics. I plan to have the bird appear a few times on my quilt.
I am also choosing from lots of Kaffe Fassett, Brandon Mably and  other Phillip Jacobs fabrics as well as some Liberty Marylebone collection fabrics from Glorious Colour.
My background fabric is Kaffe Fassett's Water Spots.

Is anyone else still working on their Roseville Album??  Anyone else about to start??

Happy sewing! :)


  1. I am far behind in my Roseville quilt. Have you tried auditioning another fabric over the vase to see if you like another one better? I had the same problem with another quilt and I am still not sure I won't change it.

  2. I love your fussy cuts! When I was working on my blocks there were several that I went back and replaced a fabric or two because they didn't look right to me. I think it's all personal preference and only you can decide? Maybe audition something else and see how you like it?
    I have the 4 outer borders to do, but have set it aside for right now. I hope to get back to it soon.

  3. As beautiful as that vase fabric is, now that I see the flowers uncovered and how beautiful THEY are, I think the vase fabric is competing with the flowers. I looked at the other choices on your blog and think something along that line that is a bit quieter shows off the flowers more. Audition till you find the one that makes it work for you...and then let us see what you decide!

  4. it is so hard sometimes to pick out fabrics but so much fun, I like the movement that the vase fabric brings to the block. It will be interesting to see how many different opinions you get.

  5. Lovely Miriam, love the flowers, great fussy cutting! sometimes I find the fabric with an all over motifs like the " plink" an easier one to work with when doing the vase. I don't know what the term one uses to describe a fabric like that. Still, pick a fabric you love first! Kim McL

  6. I think the flowers look fabulous but I can understand the concern about the vase, it seems to be competing and might look a little busy. Maybe a fabric that's not so multi coloured?

  7. I'm right there with you-I've got my first block traced out on the background but have had to finish other projects first. Everyone's been very patient with me (vbg).
    I feel like the vase is like a setting for the flowers and shouldn't compete. JMHO, of course.