Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I've finally started!

I have started my first block for my Roseville Album quilt.

I started by making yards and yards of 1/4 bias stems and about 50 circles.

I have chosen 2 or 3 favourite fabrics on which to base all my quilt's colours. At the moment I am a bit afraid that when I lift the freezer paper my block will look like an explosion in a paint factory!!! There is lots of colour there! So this block may be version 1.0! lol

I have used reverse applique on the vase and I plan to reverse applique on 2 of the flowers.

I plan to have more to show later in the week.

Happy sewing.

Miriam.  http://www.yellowrosequilts.blogspot.com/


  1. Oh, WOW, it's going to be a beautiful quilt!

  2. Love your stem fabric choice. The pattern lends itself to great color so you will be in good company. Can't wait to see the beautiful colors uncovered!

  3. Looks like fun to me! Which fabrics are you using for your 2-3 that you're basing your colors on? Looking forward to seeing your blocks!

  4. Hurray! It's so exciting to see a new Roseville Album launch! An explosion of color seems perfect to me. Enjoy the ride!

  5. I'm excited that you've started this one, have a lot of fun with it. One day I'll start it too.

  6. I do love the background tone on tone spotty fabric that you have found. Nice to see a block in the middle of progress...not just finished. Colours will be a blast!

  7. I love the bit I can see Miriam, I'm excited to see a Roseville starting. It will be a lovely paint explosion though. Look forward to the photo. Kim McL