Monday, July 18, 2011

Important news about blog membership

I've been brainstorming to figure out a way to get around the maximum 100 authors that blogger allows so that we can expand our number of contributors (my brain hurts, lol) I'm pretty sure I have it figured out so we can get through a back door. Are you excited yet??

Can you believe the blog has been going for just over a year?  I need to reduce the membership by one in order to activate my cunning plan. At first I thought I'd go through the list and remove anyone who hasn't posted but I'm reluctant to  to do that, what do you think? I may have to do this unless I can get one member who hasn't posted to donate their spot to me. Can you email me if you wish to be generous enough to be removed? My address is below and also on the side bar.

If all goes well, there will be no changes to this blog and that's the good news. Pam remains the Glorious Applique blog owner with me as her trusty side-kick.
Feel free to comment on any thoughts you might have. I have noticed that there is still a need to increase the membership with three sister blogs up and running already and enquires still being made.
Cheers, Janet
Edit: I now have the spot I needed thanks to a very generous supporter.


  1. Hi Janet

    Hope the brain is feeling better, grin.
    Now are we staying here or change over to the Aus/NZ blog


  2. I think some contributors might confuse being a follower of the blog and actually being a contrubuter to the blog. Good luck with the plans!

  3. I hope it works out, good luck!

  4. Thanks for all your work, Janet. And thanks to the volunteer! If you are going to increase membership, won't that mean that the volunteer could join again at some point? Looking forward to hearing the news.

  5. I was thinking the same thing Sally was!

  6. Yes you're right Sally, the kind person can join again. I'll have it up and running soon, I just need time, something we could all use a little extra of.

  7. Thank you Janet; I was hoping you could work something out. This blog means a lot to me--I want everyone who wants to join to be able to jump in. The more the merrier. Fingers crossed.

  8. Iam so excited that there may soon be a chance to contribute to the blog. I am going out of town for a few weeks and hopefully it will be all set by the time I am back. Thanks so much for all the work, I love this blog!!!!!!