Wednesday, January 4, 2012

8. block finished!!

After I finished the 8th vase, I started on the panel with the two big trees. And for the first time I took all the fabrics and layed them on the table. Thank you for the tip Paula!!! I was able to choose fabric for most of the animals in one go.And suddenly I have used a lot af fabrics that I havent used before! And I must admit, the colours looked lovely on the table, eventhough my husband doesnt quite agree, since its our dining table he he !!!

Anne Copenhagen


  1. Pat, love your block. Beautiful!!!!! I also love the way you've laid your fabrcs out, I do the same, you just gotta see it. I tried it in a tote, just didn't work.

  2. Lovely Anne! Well done, great colours, Kim McL

  3. Hi Anne, this is amazing applique work. And you're right the colors are fabulous-especially on the vase!

    Thank you for sharing!

  4. What a beautiful block!
    I usually spread my fabrics out on the dining room table too, but we only use it for holiday meals, so my fabrics can stay there. It makes it so much easier to choose fabrics when you can see what you have.