Wednesday, May 23, 2012

top lollipops DONE

Hi every one,

So, not only did I finish my top a while back, but yesterday I managed to sandwich it, ready to start the quilting in october or so when it's getting colder again. I prefer to quilt when it's cold and rainy. But for now spring finally got here.

As you can see I finished the outer border with rectangles instead of the 'required' squares. That's to give me some ease in quilting and to have enough under the binding. I like having a little extra in the last border, gives me something to cut off.

I like my quilt a whole lot but I am very pleased I didn't do the 16 blocks, since it is huge as it is.

To Jan, from 'bemused' : how is yours coming along on your red background?

See you, have a great summer in the north (or winter in the south),


  1. Congratulations, your quilt is absolutely beautiful. I hope that you have a great summer also.

  2. I really want to become as proficient at applique. It's so beautiful, how long did it take you to finish the top?

    1. It took me almost 18 months I think, but it wasn't #1 on my to do list. In the meantime I did work on several other quilts that somehow had priority. But I loved every minute of it, and that's the most important.

  3. Well done Francoise! Love your borders, I think they look very effective, hope you've enjoyed making your quilt. Kim McL

  4. Congratulations! What a beauty! That was some project , how many pieces do you think you appliqued? what technique did you use to prepare your shapes? Did you hand applique?
    and look you have a comment from Kim herself!
    Have you decided how you quilt it?
    It is taking everything I have not to start this quilt!
    Happy Sewing

    1. Thanks. There are about 45 pieces on average in each big block and I think 6 on average in a borderblock? But who's counting! I traced every shape on freezer paper, cut it out (boring!!!), iron on right side of fabric, trace around shape with sewline pencil, tear paper of and needleturn by hand.
      I think I will just quilt around the applique shapes and practice in quilting in all directions without turning the quilt too much.
      I have a credo : the only way to finish a quilt is to start it.