Wednesday, November 23, 2011


So I finally got around to put everything up on my designwall. First I thought i was going to do the cornerstones in the red background, but now i think i'll just stick with the coloured squares also.
I feel kind of proud of myself to have done everything from my stash, with some quite old fabrics that i don't even like anymore, because i really do like the result.

I'm working on the borderblocks now, but have nothing to show so that will be for next time.

Enjoy whatever you're doing!


  1. Your quilt is gorgeous!!!
    I love the red.
    It feels good to pull fabrics from your stash and use them doesn't it? : )

  2. I love the red background! It must be wonderful to make a dent in your fabric stash!

  3. It has turned out so nice. I couldn't quite visualize how it would look with the red background but you have brought it together amazingly. Thanks for sharing.

  4. How gorgeous your blocks look together. So brave of you to make a red background. It looks fantastic

  5. Wow, what a beautiful quilt and a lot of work! What a great project to use up some of your stash which I think is always hard to do!! It looks great!

  6. Lovely, lovely! The red is fantastic!

  7. Well done Francoise, it's looking great! Kim McL