Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Squirrel panel

Please forgive the poorly light on the picture. It was late at night when I took it.

I have looked at Kim´s quilt regarding the color choise, when I was picking fabric for the birds.
I am not so great in choosing color and Kaffe´s fabric.

The inner circle in the sun gave me quit a lot of trouble. I made several choises before settling with this one.

Over at the Danish blog I have pictures from the beginning to the end.

I did have a lot of fun doing this panel. It was very satisfying.

Now on to the last two cornerblocks.



  1. Looks great Camilla, I think you're doing really really well with your colour choices. You are doing this quilt really fast are't you. Kim McL

  2. Camilla, You are doing a BEAUTIFUL job! I really enjoyed seeing your photos of the panel in progress on the Danish blog as well. Show us more!

  3. Your color choices are great. The panel looks fantasic.

  4. I've had difficulty making choices with the fabric too. You've done a beautiful job.

  5. Lovely panel--all your color choices look great, and you're so quick! I have a hard time deciding on fabrics too, especially with all of the pretty possibilites.