Thursday, December 30, 2010


I'm back to sewing again, for about 2 weeks working on and off on the right side panel of Roseville. I have all the birds done using the geometric fabrics and now will use the florals for all the circles and leaves.
I took a close up to show the floral I used for the face of the cat, can you see the eyes and nose? Many of the dot fabrics were centered to give an illusion of eyes.
I have basted the tree onto background and sewed only where needed and will finish it when I get all the leaves on.
Next posting will be when it is finished.


  1. I love this, so cute! Is applique hard to do?

  2. WOW im loving this quilt it is coming together quite nicely.

    Love your little birdies as well, great colour choice.

  3. Love your kitty--she's perfect! You've some interesting fussy cuts--I learn so much from seeing how others use their fabrics!

  4. A very good choice of farbics, they show up nicely on your background. The cat is so fun.

  5. What fun fussy cuts! I've found that the human eye will focus in on a well placed dot and read it as an eye. Your kitty's face is especially cute!
    Once you add the leaves and dots your panel will really come to life..I look forward to seeing it.
    It's also fun to see how each of us approaches the various elements. I started the panel by placing the leaves first, then stems, then birds, and finally the dots.

  6. The cat is my favourite too, it's so great to see what fabrics everyones using. Fabulous progress.

  7. FABULOUS panel, Julee!!! Your fussy cuts are quite FUN. ; ) I love seeing the colors and fabrics people are using. Thanks for sharing your talents with us!!!