Friday, December 10, 2010


As promised i'm showing the update on my Lollipops : my (very small) progress on block 4.
Still hoping to finally be able to work on it steadily. After dealing with daily life and 3 quilts i'm finishing (i's crazy)

Have a super weekend,


  1. Such a pretty background! Inch by inch, it's a cinch. Just take your time and enjoy the stitches!

  2. its looking really lovely :) a little bit of progress is better than no progress at all lol

    Adele in Oz

  3. At least you're doing some sewing Francoise!
    I think everyone is hectic at the moment. In Australia, we're heading for the annual summer vacation which will start at Christmas time, everything comes to halt here for a month including me ( I hope)
    Cheers, Kim McL

  4. Oh, lovely! Very cheerful colours at Christmas time!

  5. Dear Francoise,
    Love to see you're using my favorite color as your background. Red IS a neutral color. Your block is beautiful! I'm pretty slow myself. Just remember: it's a journey, not a race. Enjoy!

  6. Red is my all time favourite colour too, it's lovely to hear you are taking some stitches.

  7. Glad to know you've been able to make a few stitches. Enjoy the time and stitches you do get to make. Such a joy and pleasure for sure!!! ; )

    Your block is looking FABULOUS!!! The colors and fabric selections are wonderful!