Monday, December 27, 2010


Hello all of you fellow followers of Kims,

I hope you all had a wonderful Xmas, and now are ready for the ending of the old and the start of a new year ful of wonderful things to do, discover and enjoy? I know i am.
I hope what i am about to do is oké. I got this wonderfull book as a Xmas present from my family.

I opened the book and admired page after page of wonderfull quilts and then got to page 175. And there it was : the original Lollipops quilt.

Kim, i absolutely love and admire what you did with the original. It shows great imagination to do what you did with it. And now i love this quilt even more since i know it is the interpretation of an antique one. Or is that being snob?


  1. Such a wonderful Christmas gift--it is my ALL time favorite book--FULL of inspiration! And, Kim you did do a marvelous job with your lollypops! I try to look at all the photos with an eye for how they would look with modern fabrics or Kaffes, but I've not got the imagination needed.

  2. I've had that book for absolutely years, now I'll have to go and look at that again....

  3. Thank you for sharing this, Francoise. Amazing to see the original and sew FUN to see it done using today's fabrics and modern interpretation.