Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Garden

This is the quilt I'll be doing in the workshops when Kaffe & Brandon arrive in Australia next February. I'm sooo looking forward to meeting everyone, it will be a great couple of days. The photos of this quilt was blogged by Kathy from Material Obsession yesterday I think, she has done a better job in posting the pics. And I still don't know how to do the link to other websites, not very good with this internet thing!
Liza will soon be making the pattern available from her GloriousColor website and also the fabric packs I think. This is a really fun quilt to do, the background is " Clover" in grey and you can use all Kaffe's big print. Big applique pieces = quickly done.
I haven't started a new project yet, I need to have a break from the applique or the quilts are going to start looking the same! I'll be starting the new quilt in the beginning of the year, I'll get to use the new fabrics then. Actually I'm having a rather fun time playing with the sewing machine. Liza told me to get the Bernina 1/4" foot with the guide on it. The seams are actually matching at last, have done 7 of the simple machine pieced quilts.
You are all doing such fantastic jobs with your chosen quilts, I've had the most fun watching the quilts grow in the last few months and not to mention all the fantastic tips everyone is coming up with. Keep it up everyone, I just love reading this blog! Cheers, Kim McL


  1. I love it! It does look like it would go together quick. Another thing on my 2-do list. :) I'm having a blast with the Roseville right now.

  2. Yep! I will be up for making this one too. It's another beauty Kim. I spy another gorgeous coral tree!!! We will have to have you down to Victoria for a class or two sometime!!! Have fun with your sewing machine Kim. xo

  3. My partner asked me what i wanted for my birthday in December and I said i wanted this quilt kit......smiles all round.

    Well Kim good luck with your sewing adventures with your sewing machine, i can honestly say that my sewing machine and i aren't the best of friends :(

    Adele in Oz who is happily appliquing her Roseville blocks and enjoying every minute.

  4. It's beautiful Kim! Enjoy playing with your sewing machine, it's a good feeling when you can play nicely

  5. Thuis is magnificent, Kim!!!
    I ♥♥♥ it!!!
    And I'm pretty sure that the Lollypop Trees would match perfectly with this lovely Garden:)Thank you to be so talented...

  6. Positively STUNNING, Kim!!! Thanks for sharing your photos with us. ; ) Your designs and patterns are just divine. Such talent!!! We truly appreciate you, your creativity, and willingness to be a part of our blog community.

  7. Another gorgeous design, Kim! I particularly love the borders on this one. Hope a change of pace with the machine work refreshes your spirit and your design sense. You know we will be looking forward to whatever you come up with next. In the meantime, we are all enjoying and benefiting from your wonderful talent.

  8. I just love this one! How am I ever going to keep up. My list just keeps getting longer. Your patterns are wonderful.
    Thanks for taking the time to post the pictures on this blog.

  9. I love this one! The wide borders are beautiful. The pieced border and sashing are great for using up the smaller bits of fabric that are left after we do our fussy cuts too.
    You've used a lot of fabrics I haven't seen before..are they new ones..or older ones?
    Have fun with your machine work. i look forward to seeing what you come up with next! :)

  10. Dear Kim,
    Another winner! So beautiful! keep designing these awesome quilts, please!
    I am waiting for the medallion quilt on the cover of Australian Patchwork a while back. The lady said she made it in your class, but the pattern wasn't for sale. I believe it has a mariner's compass in the center. WIll you please get that one out too? No pressure
    Thank you for your wonderful designs!

  11. I absolutely love this quilt, I am absolutely speechless, it is so beautiful. I'm so thrilled that you are designing more patterns. I'm definitely going to be a collector of your patterns. Thank you so much for your sharing your beautiful work with all of us.

  12. Love the new pattern. I think I will be adding that to the pattern stash as well.

  13. "The Garden" came out of left field for me. It looks like so much fun to make! Frankly I am sort of relieved to hear you are taking a break to play with your machine (and maybe come up with some quilts that feature piecing as well as applique?) because my head is still spinning from the unveiling of Sprigs and Stars. Do you have elves cutting out fabrics and stitching tops while the rest of us are sleeping? Thanks for keeping our applique juices flowing, Kim.

  14. Thank you everyone!! Actually this quilt was made before the Roseville, I didn't have it ready for Liza because I was a bit slack with getting the pics done. And the stars & sprigs was done about 10 yrs ago. I wish I have little elves doing it for me, I'd have lots done!!
    Brenda, would you scan that photo and post it on this blog ( is that allowed?) I still haven't finished hand quilting this mariner's compass - have ran out of steam. I did have the quilt bound though, I was tired from looking at it sitting in an Ikea bag for 5 yrs!! Kim McL

  15. Simply Scrumptious! As I posted earlier, keep up the good work. Another quilt for my list.

  16. It's beautiful Kim--such variety of flowers --looks like a lot of fun! Guess my to do list is going to grow even longer. Please let me know where I can get some of those elves or other helpers--the days just aren't long enough.

  17. Really beautiful quilt. Have fun with your sewing machine.

  18. My English words are not enough to say
    wat een prachtige quilt heb je weer gemaakt
    a very beautifull quilt
    I will also make this one!!
    but the time....where can I buy that

    groet Ineke M from Holland

  19. Stunning!!Maybe this is the one for me to come out of my Comfort Zone with Kaffe
    Enjoy your time on the is nice to have a change.

  20. Kim,

    Inspiring and beautiful and of course all you. Your work is definitely created a place in quilt history and for that we all are blessed.


  21. Hi, Kim,
    I'll give it my best shot to find that magazine and send a scan to Pam. There's lots of time...I'm not racing through Roseville(grin)
    Keep on stitchin' and designing!

  22. Wow - this is gorgeous. I'll add this to the list of projects to tackle once I finish my flower pots (in year or two at the pace I'm going...)

  23. oh Kim I love this one too, I love the shapes of the flowers and just the whimsical borders your becoming known for in my opinion.
    need to get back to Roseville Album and yes start Stars and Sprigs...
    I just need a few hours more in a day to keep up!

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  25. Hi Kim

    I am a long term fan of yours and wonder how you get all these quilts finished. Are you quilting them yourself? I love the Kaffe ones you are producing but would find it hard to pick the best when taking into account all the reproduction ones you completed earlier. All the quilts look great in either old or modern styles.

  26. Kim--I am trying to get my local quilt shop to carry your patterns (and hopefully then more Kaffe's too). Could you message me and let me know if you have a distributor or who she should contact to purchase them? Thanks!

  27. Thank you everyone, I'm kind of overwhelmed by the response!
    Re quilting, no, I get the quilts done by machine commercially. Kay does wonderful machine quilting and she has been doing my quilts for ages. I used to do a lot of hand quilting but under duress! I prefer to do the quilt tops, they're colourful. I still have a quilt that I was quilting by hand 5 yrs ago and it is still not finished, the detail quilting still have to be done, I did get the binding on though.
    Donna, email Liza at Glorious Color, she does wholesale to other stores. Liza is my distributor and she is doing a great job too! Kim McL