Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mariners Compass on APC cover

Hi everyone,
My name is Robyn.
Apparently, on this blog, there has been some recent interest in my Mariners Compass Quilt which was on the cover of Australian Patchwork and Quilting Magazine in December 2008. After publication of the magazine, I was surprised at the numerous emails I received from Australia, New Zealand and other countries requesting information about the pattern, but Kim had not published it.
I made this quilt in a class with Kim using reproduction fabrics for the first time, forcing me out of my comfort zone. As is typical of Kim's quilts, this pattern was quite a challenge.
The quilt top is entirely hand pieced and the hexagonal medallions and scallops were mostly fussy-cut. They were then sewn over cardboard and appliquéd onto the background fabric.
The most challenging parts of the quilt were the large borders, where all the flowers were reverse appliquéd. I really enjoyed this technique as it was something quite new for me.
The quilt was commercially quilted by my friend, Kay Fernihough at Quilts on Q.
Every so often when making a quilt, I don't want it to be finished as I am enjoying the journey so much and this was one of those quilts.


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  2. Whoops comment was removed mean't for another blog.

    Beautiful beautiful quilt by the way Robyn love the pattern and maybe if we twist Kim's arm we just might get the pattern for it lol

    Adele in Oz

  3. Wow--wonderful! So much to look at and enjoy!

  4. I love it..Beautiful work Robyn..
    I may have that magazine..must check

  5. Is this the quilt that was in the Sydney show at the same time as Kim's quilts Robyn? I took some photos of it, it was astunner in real life. Thanks for sharing it.

  6. What a stunning quilt, Robyn! I am in awe!

  7. Thanks very much for posting the photograph Robyn! I didn't even know that it was on the front cover of the APQ magazine, must have missed that issue! I would have kept the issue.
    You did very well indeed with this quilt, it is spectacular! Glad that you got out of your comfort zone and started working with the brighter reproduction fabrics and now moving on to the Kaffes!! Mission accomplished for me. Good on you! Actually this quilt would look fantastic in Kaffes.
    So - what happened to Kim's Mariner's? Well, she is really slack and this would be the only UFO I have. I ran out of steam hand quilting it. I've done the major work but have to quilt all the little detail work as in quilting the hexagons, the flowers etc. Stopped work on it 5yrs ago when I discovered Kaffe fabrics and poor old quilt has been sitting a huge Ikea bag kicked into the corner of my sewing room. Took it out of the bag not long ago and the quilt is now bound but still unfinished in the quilting arena. I need to talk myself into finishing. Any ideas? The quilt top is reallly fun to do but the hand quilting is really something else. I now have Kay do the machine quilting for me too. Kim McL

  8. I adore this quilt ! I do have the magazine still I think, since it was one of my favorite covers. Kim, do you think you could publish the pattern, please ?????

  9. Oh My! Another spectacular Kim McLean quilt, it is beautifully done Robyn. I echo the others, please consider publishing the pattern Kim. Hmmm, reproductions or Kaffes???

  10. Robyn your quilt is spectacular! I don't know how you could let it out of your sight for shows and pics, etc.? Your fabric choices are masterful, as is your needlework. If the reverse applique flowers were new to you, you sure learned to do them well!

    Kim..get your quilt out of that bag! Set a timer and make yoursef work 15-20 min a day on it until the quilting is done.(you can do that..right?) With the amount of time and energy that went into it's making, it NEEDS to be finished!

  11. Kim, please do as Ann says and then publish the pattern? Pretty please!

  12. Robyn,
    That quilt is over the top gorgeous! I love all fabric and repros are near the top.

  13. Thanks for sharing the story it's always nice to hear how quilts start & finish...what a great opportunity to have been taught this by Kim ...Congratulations on getting it finished & getting it published is Awesome...

  14. Oh what a beautifull quilt
    I will make that one to .....!!!!!!
    Kim make please a pattern?

    groet Ineke M from Holland

  15. Oh Robyn - your quilt is absolutely stunning! Congratulations on making it onto the cover! Kim - PLEASE publish a pattern!!

  16. An absolutely beautiful quilt - stunning.

  17. YES!!! This is it! Robyn, it is one of the most stunning quilts I have ever seen. Thank you so much for posting it.
    Kim, I have the magazine and was one of the people who wrote Robyn looking for the pattern. Please?? No hurry, I have lots of Roseville yet to do.I will send you the magazine when I find it. You should have it. We have a saying in Dear
    Jane from a friend of ours, Tilde in Denmark. We call it a 'Tilde Thread.' Stitch one thread a day on your quilt, and before long, it's done, like the turtle in the race.
    I was in Shipshewana with Rosemary and Gay and just getting caught up on mail. We recruited more "Kim and Kaffe" fans. Liza, your sales should spike this week.
    About a dozen people bought the same lollipop shoes as Rosemary. What fun! I managed to stitch a little on my second block. I have to finish this week. I want to work on #3 now!
    You all have a good time stitching tomorrow!

  18. This is an heirloom!!! Thanks for the treat, Robyn. : ) I am in awe...