Sunday, February 27, 2011

In my spare time... Finished the Lone Star!

I always have serveral quilts working in different stages. Some days I like to stand and make blocks or cut / sew applique... other days are meant for sitting and quilting. And since I quilt by hand, my quilts can take 6 months or a year to quilt. This one I've been working on in the background while I'm working on my Roseville applique. Everything is a very specific burnt orange color and features the Texas longhorn. This is a gift for my daughter's graduation from the University of Texas at Austin this May (so this one had a deadline!).
This is the second Lone Star I've made, but this one turned out even better - I think because the fabrics all blend so well. This quilt will not be a surprise to my daughter since that would be too hard given how long it takes me to finish a quilt... but I know she will be thrilled to have it.
Just thought I'd share this ... even though it is not a glorious applique design. Also finished another Roseville block today. I actually have a blister on my finger from finishing the binding on the Lone Star plus the finishes touches on sewing my 3rd Roseville block all in one day! I have to take a break - but it is hard to walk away.


  1. what a gorgeous quilt and what a lucky daughter!
    Happy stitching....once that blister gets better that is!

  2. Teresa,
    That quilt is gorgeous! Your stitches look awesome as well. Congrats on finishing it. I'm sure she'll love it.

  3. What a beautiful quilt Teresa! Your quilting is just perfect too. What a lucky Daughter you have. :)

  4. Really nice quilt...I'd say "Hook em Horns", but "Go Pokes" is more my motto ;)

  5. Pretty quilt--very lucky daughter! You are making me feel guilty for not working on my daughter's quilt, though...sadly Roseville has my attention!

  6. Oh that is a beauty! Your work is amazing! It is still on my to-do make one of these lone star quilts!

  7. Hook 'em Horns, Teresa! I have a Longhorn too, but he's a grad student, so he already got a graduation quilt. (Did you know there is a Wikipedia entry for the Hook em Horns gesture? The things you learn...)
    Your quilting is beautiful and so are your colors. What a lucky girl.

  8. Gorgeous Teresa!! Lovely quilting too, Lucky girl!! Kim McL

  9. Fabulous quilt, Teresa! Next to red, orange is my second favorite color (University of Tennessee
    shares those colors with Texas). Gorgeous quilting! What a lucky grad!! AND you get a big income boost (ask me how I know)
    Hook 'em Horns!
    Brenda, in San Antonio