Thursday, February 10, 2011

Some Kaffe, Brandon and Kim photo's (as well as the rest of us!!)...

Thanks Sally for the heads up of photos of these guys over on Kathy's blog. I'm bringing some pics to share here too! We had a wonderful night at Kim Mcleans (she is one gorgeous lady) and meeting Kaffe and Brandon was the highlight for all of us.
L-R front row: Sharron (Dragonfly Gypsy), Kim McLean, Kaffe Fassett
L-R back row: Sue (no blog), Brandon Mably, Janet (Quiltsalott), Me (Cabbage Quilts), Kathy (Material Obsession).

You can see more pics, as Sally mentioned, at Kathy's (Material Obsession) or Janet's (Quiltsalott) or my blog (Cabbage Quilts) just click on the links above.

But I really wanted to show another photo of Janet's incredible Stars and Sprigs quilt.  Janet's quilt is absolutely stunning...
and her quilting amazing. I simply cannot believe she hasn't done much quilting at all, this is perfect! (you should be able to click on the pic to see it even closer).
We also got to see some of Kim's award winning and divine quilts (the woman is a genius!)...
What inspiration all in the one room (people & quilts)!!

Good luck to Kaffe & Brandon as they travel around Australia bringing their passion for colour, their creativity and enthusiasm to so many Aussies. I'm sure we would all love to see pics from Kim's classes running in Sydney now too (hint, hint to anyone attending!!).

Cathy xo


  1. That is just absolutely exciting! All that creativity in one place... Heaven!

  2. You got some great pics there Cathy. It's been fun blog hopping to see all the photos. Thanks for the lovely compliment. I'd love to know who else is going to Kim's class.

  3. Thanks Jackie it was amazing.
    I was kind of hinting your way Janet, have a great time in Kim's class. I will be thinking of you guys. xo

  4. I'll be back with a report for sure. I wish Liza could have been there too.

  5. Janet I hope you enjoy your class as much as I did some years ago.


  6. Cathy, thank you so much. It's so much fun for those of us here in the US to see all that excitement. And I for one can't get enough of Kim's quilts. And Janet's Stars and Sprigs--gorgeous.

  7. So much tallent in one place! I think I'd be awe-struck and unable to speak?

    What a treat to see Kim's quilts up close..and Janet's too. I love that Stars and Sprigs. :)

  8. Wow wow wow! What a treat to get together and such spectacular quilts! (I wouldn't have been able to sleep afterward!)


  10. Thanks for letting us be part of the party! Love the beautiful pictures (and quilts of course!)

  11. I am drooling with envy and so excited to see photos of all of you "down under" and the gorgeous quilts and quilters. I want to see Kim's quilts in person too! Janet, your Stars and Sprigs is an inspiration. Even up here in the frozen Midwest, the excitement is palpable. Thank you so much for sharing all the photos, fellow bloggers!

  12. Wish we all could have been part of that Gathering of Quilting Royalty!

  13. Hi Cathy - What a great night we had - such fun
    and really nice to meet you - I'll keep in touch

  14. This was really a magical moment!!!
    Wishing Kim would come to Belgium togive some classes;)

  15. Certainly wish that I could have been there, it is probably a day you will not forget.

  16. Thank you Cathy, Janet and Kathy for sharing not only the great photos but your enthusiastic joy in an event we would all like to have been a part of! I agree with Marion that we could really "feel" the excitement and it DID make my day seem warmer. Hope you have a wonderful time at the workshops. We need pictures!

  17. Thank you everyone, my head is still in the clouds!!
    Subee could you please send me your email address? You can find mine on my blog, would love to keep in touch. xo

  18. Wish I could have been there....looks like everyone had a good time, thanks for sharing.

  19. I wish everyone was here too! It was fun, Kim McL