Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lollypop, Lollypop - My first Lollypop!

Boy -- have I learned a lot.  Thanks to all the helpful hints and trial and error, I'm hoping block #2 makes me a tad happier.  Things I want to remember....

1.  Line up the bottom of the leaves for sure - when they're off, it shows more there (see first set of purple polka dot leaves).
2.  Make sure there's enough seam allowance under the stem.
3.  Makre sure there's enough seam allowance with the little leaves/big leaves (do you sense a theme?).
4.  Consider staying with more of a color theme -- leaves down the center seem to have continuity -- it gets a little wild with the branches and circles.
5. Kay Buckley is a life saver as is basting the center intersections/sewing lines
6.  Cutting out circles and basting at a friends house is perfect way to use time. An "inventory" of pre-made circles makes you feel rich.
7.  Smaller basting stitches make for fewer puckers on circles
8.  Wet toothpicks can be your best friend
9.  No matter how sure your block is safe after you've laid it out, be sure to take a pix because your husband will find it and accidently knock it in the floor.
10.  Circles left unattended after basting around the templates will roll under the lowest pieces of furniture in the house when said husband accidently knocks over the block.

You all are lifesavers and have helped make this journey "glorious"!



  1. wait til I stop laughing....most people have animals to blame for missing parts...

    Many have also used the 'picture' method of remembering what goes where, then keep the photo on your desktop for easy viewing. Starch can help with a skimpy seam allowance, keeps the fraying down to a dull meow.

  2. Do you never sleep? or eat? or clean your house???? HOw do you get so much done?!!!!

  3. Jan - I just started my lollypop trees as well and we are actually using the same background fabric! It will be interesting to compare ours side-by-side. :) Or maybe I can talk you into just giving yours to me. :)

  4. Your block is gorgeous, Jan! I LOVE the riot of color and fussy cuts!!! I am glad to know you are learning along the way and having FUN too!!! GOOD for you!!!

    I too can not do without my (spit) moistened tooth pick!!! It made needle turn possible for me, and I have Jane Townswick to thank for that!

    The Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Circles are wonderful too! It gives me the option to do something sewing in places and situations where stitching is not quite possible! And, there is little better than a cache of prepped circles...!!! ; )

    The other boon for me came from a class with Sharon Schamber. It is the use of Elmer's School glue to keep my applique pieces "basted" to the background. Makes the project portable and pin-free. Awseome!!!

    I am looking forward to seeing your next block!?

  5. What fantastic blocks Jan and such a fun time you're having to boot. I switched onto toothpicks a few years ago, what did I do without that high tech tool?

  6. I cannot wait to see your blocks come together, thank you for all the tips. They certainly are going to help anyone that wants to work on their lollipops. I am off to work on block eight

  7. Wow Jan!! all those colours are just popping out of your background. Well done on your first lollypop, you'll sail along pretty quickly with this quilt. No deep curves to do in this quilt. Keep it up, and look forward to seeing more!! Kim McL

  8. hi i love your work...i m your new follower