Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A New Lollipop Tree Block

This past weekend I made the components for my next Lollipop Tree block.  What I mean is that I traced the pieces onto the fusible web; cut them out; selected fabrics; fused the shapes to the fabric, and cut out the shapes.

This morning I was ready to set the pieces and fuse them onto the background fabric.

One challenge to this process is that my ironing board is quite a bit narrower than the quilt block.  The first blocks I did for this quilt I did the bottom half of the quilt first, and then the top half on my ironing board.  They came out fine but it was kind of scary.  I couldn't be absolutely sure if all the elements were going to fit! 

But this problem was not so difficult to solve (I should have thought of it earlier).  I placed a piece of Insulbrite batting (that's the type of batting you use for oven mitts) and then a towel on top of my sewing table.  I placed the background piece on top and I was ready to begin.

  I started with the stems,and then I added the large elements.

Then I started to add the smaller pieces.  This is where it can get tricky; there are ALOT of little pieces to add, especially in this particular block.

Almost done!

After lots of fussing and endless adjusting, it's time for The Moment of Truth

Once it's ironed, there's no turning back.

Done!  The whole process  I just described took 1 hour.

OK, it's confession time:  has anyone noticed how the green circles in the center of the block (right next to the stem) magically shrank for the final picture?  I will tell you honestly that all 5 of the blocks that I've made from this quilt pattern have needed small adjustments for space.  So the green circles got smaller.   And the truly obsessed among you will also notice that there are 2 circles missing from the top of the block.  I JUST COULDN'T MAKE ROOM FOR THEM.  So my question is, will my jail cell be Solitary Confinement when the Quilt Police come and arrest me, or will I have company?


  1. I think you will have lots of company! The block looks great.

  2. It's adorable - I'm going to the jail cell with you!

  3. Remember, you're among FRIENDS here. : ) There are NO Quilt Police. Take a breath. It's OK.

    Your block looks SmAsHiNg!!! I love it! Great job, Linda!!!

  4. The block looks really great. What do you do after you have done the fusing? Are you stitching around?

  5. Yes bertie, I will do a satin stitch around all of the pieces in either a matching or coordinating thread. That's actually what holds the pieces on the fabric (the fusible washes out).

  6. The block is beautiful!! No one around this blog would ever call the quilt police or we would all be arrested LOL.


  7. No quilt police...it's your quilt and the little changes really make it your own.
    I love the fabrics you chose and it was brilliant of you to make a larger surface to work on. Thanks for sharing that tip. :)

  8. Beautiful block!
    May I ask what brand of fusible you use? I've been leery of using fusible for applique, but if it washes out that would be great.

  9. Kathy: I use Heat N Bond Lite. It comes on a roll in a plastic package. I've used it for several applique projects and I've been happy with all of them.

  10. super duper... and WHAT police??? they are in the cell next to ya for harrassing the public... LOL!!! SO LOVE your blocks! now to finish my hearts so I can start the lollipops!

  11. Your block looks fantastic, I often thought about doing a quilt with the raw edge machining, I think it's a great method. I always think the changes we make are part of artistic license and fully encouraged. That's what's so great about applique. Keep telling us about any changes, it makes for good reading.

  12. I LOVE your block !! I fell in love with the Lollipop Tree when I first saw it in Lancaster at the AQS show and I'm kicking myself for not buying the pattern. Ah well now I'll just have to, after seeing yours :) I didn't know it could be done on the machine...thought it had to be all hand applique and thats why I was wavering.