Wednesday, September 1, 2010

N-E-W-S F-L-A-S-H!!!

----------------I interrupt this blog to bring you an important announcement-------------------- 
I am quite pleased to announce a drawing!!!  In support of the Glorious Applique blog and it’s contributors, Kim McLean, Liza Prior Lucy and Kathy Doughty have SEW generously offered to host a prize drawing for the month of September.  : )

For those who author a post during the month of September your name will be placed in the drawing.  The more you post, the more chances to win!!!  This does not include comments.  The drawing is for those who post only!
Kim, Liza and Kathy wish to keep our applique enthusiasm growing, and provide us with an extra incentive to STITCH!!!  One prize is being offered.  I don’t know what the prize may be...perhaps a bundle of fat quarters, some silk threads, or another wonderful delight to bring more joy to our stitching...?!
So/sew, get busy!!!  : )  Stitch.  Post.  Add photos.  Share.  Show us your work and tell us about it too!  YOU may be rewarded with a special September prize!!!  Good luck and happy September!!!
Piecefully, Pam


  1. wow this is exciting news, guess I had better get going on my block so I can post ;)

  2. What a great incentive! Now I have no excuses not to post!

  3. HOW fun! not only this but my TWO best buddies here to edge me on!

  4. That adds to the fun doesn't it? Thank you Liza, Kim and Kathy.