Saturday, September 11, 2010

Productive Day!

I intended to finish quilting this wallhanging. But guess what! Kitty decided to take a nap on the quilt.........That's a yawn, not a snarl!

Well, that meant I had time to do what I've wanted to do for weeks
now. Work on my Hearts and Flowers. Woo Hoo!

I got out my fabrics....tossed them around a bit
and just started cutting. Tracing shape on fusible.
Fussy cutting using designs on the fabrics.....just playing!

I auditioned a bit. I had already decided on my heart center and the framing heart....but I started to have second thoughts about the large squiggly frame.

This is dark red

This is hot pink

I went with the hot pink. It really brings out the pink in the heart center. Funny how the camera takes the pictures slightly differently each time. The heart center is more like the one on the left.

As I continued I just started playing with my stash. I was going to go with same designs on each side of the heart....but well, playing was more fun. After a full day of cutting and fusing, here is my heart center:
I also played with blog writing and picture inserts.....
Take that Pat! ;-)


  1. Oh how bee-u--tee-ful!!! You had a very good day. Are you sure that kitty is yawning? It looks like she's trying to scare you away from your quilting?

  2. Cheerful is as cheerful does! And that block just reeks of it. I love it!

  3. Oh I am loving these Hearts and Flowers blocks - just fabulous! And what a very helpful puss you have there! Mine decided to prolong my web surfing time by stretching out on the ironing board and ignoring my gentle pleas to move :o)

  4. You girls sure are tempting me with this pattern. It comes in a Kaffe book doesn't it? Do they give you a full sized pattern to use for that center heart? :)

  5. Ann, the pattern is in the book "Romance Quilts" by Kaffe Fassett. You also have to take it to a copy center to blow it up 200%. A pain, but worth it! ;-)

  6. I REALLY like your heart fabric, Monica. It's perfect with the hot pink. That block is awesome!!

  7. Good kitty! ; ) Your Hearts and Flowers project is terrific, Monica! Thanks for sharing with us.

  8. Wow Monica, that is a great medallion!! Kitty is cute too. Kim McL

  9. I love that pink button fabric with the heart, the fun part is trying out different fabrics.

  10. Really lovely--great colors together and fun fussy cutting!

  11. LOL... so so soooooooooooo love it Monica!!!

    your next blog assignment... load LARGER PHOTOS but use medium for the blog page... then we can click to see a bigger pic!

    and now I MUST own some of your center fabric.. you temptress you!