Thursday, September 30, 2010

This Might Work

My friend Chrisitine gave me her left over strips from a project she did knowing I would be able to use them, she is a good friend! I love how that purple looks in the picture.

I spent and good part of an afternoon and evening tracing and cutting out the pieces for one of the side panels. I have a hard time trying to decide on a color/fabric for each one and can spend hours trying to decide. As I went along and cut them out I wrote a color on each piece, some followed the pattern others were my choice. Now the plan is all I have to do is pick up the piece, look at the color I wrote on it and pick out a fabric. Sounds easy? We'll see...

I live in Pennsylvania and we are in the midst of a rainy, flooding type of day. It is very muggy and warm so all the windows are open. As I typed this a gust of wind came and blew all my pattern pieces I just showed you all over the kitchen, thank you hurricane Nicole!


  1. That many pieces for anything is not going to be "easy", but fun, hey yea.

  2. It looks like the wind wants you to grab those pieces and start picking fabrics? ;)
    What a wonderful give you such pretty scraps!

  3. Good FRIEND!!! You will be able to use many of the strips for small applique pieces. I keep the small pieces of fabric for cutting many different sizes of circles to have ready, which is what I did last night.
    Glad you join the group.

  4. This is going to be great fun Kelly! you've made a great start by having all the freezer paper templates ready to go. The fabric cutting is the really fun part! Love to see your placements! Cheers, Kim McL

  5. Hi. Where are you in Pa? I'm working on Kim's Flower Pots and live in Danville.

  6. What a kind friend, there's nice variety there. Your method sounds like a good plan.

  7. Sally I am in Downingtown. We will have to meet up at a quilt show.
    Did you get flooded out? We heard Lancaster Co. got a ton of rain.

  8. Fabulous!!! What a good friend you've got!!! : ) You are organized and all set to GO!

    We're just outside of Philadelphia and the storm was WICKED! We were without power, so we decided to go to the Beach!