Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Buying Kaffe Fabric

I've been lurking happily on here since the blog began and enjoying all of the beautiful work that's been posted. Last week I finally decided that it was time to take the plunge and ask to join the blog and choose one of Kim's designs to make. Of course, I am spoiled for choice as to which design to start with and had narrowed it down to two until I saw that the pattern for Stars and Sprigs will be available soon - that's the one I'm going with. My only problem is that I have absolutely no Kaffe fabric in my stash at all - they're not my usual colours/patterns but I would like to step out of my box a little bit and try something new so my question is this - how much of a Kaffe fabric do you buy when you invest? A fat quarter? 1/2 metre? What's the best way for me to go?

Thanks for letting me join in the fun, I'm looking forward to taking part.


  1. Hi Theresa, welcome to the club! I don't usually buy big yardage, that way I can have more variety for my dollars. I mostly buy half yards to get the pattern and if it's a really big print, I'll buy a yard. Sometimes a fat quarter doesn't give you much for fussy cutting.
    When I started with thses fabrics, I bought the starter pack and built up the stash from there.

  2. Welcome aboard, Theresa! You might want to do what I did, as I'm also new to 'Kaffe' fabrics. I bought a kit for the Basket Medallion and then bought 1/4 yd bundles from Glorious Color for the Roseville Album. Her selection was great and wide varity in each color palette I chose. I've been mixing fabrics from both, no repeats as I bought the kit some time ago and the bundles just recently. So far I have found that there is enough fabric to fussy cut when using 1/4 yd cuts.

  3. Welcome to our group! I decide how much to buy based upon how much variety there is in the print (How usable in different ways is it?) and the scale/repeat of the print (In order to get two matching pieces, how much would you need?). If it is the same design repeating frequently, a quarter yard could be enough, but for some of the larger prints when you are trying to match up a pair of wings, for example, it isn't enough. And, how much I like it or need the color makes a difference too.

  4. i tend to get a 30cm strip

  5. Dear Theresa,
    How much to buy....good question! A friend is making her Dear Jane quilt with Kaffe fabrics.They are great! I had always walked right on by his fabs, wondering what people were doing with them. Well, I stewed over her blocks and those Kaffe fabrics, and I finally called Liza and asked her to send me a big assortment of quarter yards, so I could have a stash! (I couldn't even pronounce his name correctly) It was like Christmas when they came!
    For your new quilt, I recommend the kit as a starter. Use some of your other fabrics as "mixers!" Repros do very well with them...You'll be making your own decisions very quickly after working on your quilt.
    Now I buy 1/2's when print is large, but most of mine are quarter yard cuts. Ok, ok, I have succumbed to big yardage on favorites and at sales.
    Welcome to the blog and enjoy your Journey!

  6. Welcome, Theresa! ; ) I buy 1/4 yards - to - yardage. It just depends?! If you like it and there are many useful colors and patterns, but you're going to use it just for applique, then often times a 1/4 yard is sufficient. However, I have found myself *wanting* or worse yet *needing* more...for another applique shape or two. So, I tend toward 1/2 yard cuts. Three if I LOVE it!!!

  7. Check out the post "Fat Free" posted on the blog earlier. It tells why a 1/4cut is better than a fat 1/4.
    For my first quilt I ordered the starter pack from Glorious color and added in other fabrics from there. I think the starter packs are a good way to "dip your toe in the water"?
    I still mainly get 1/4yd cuts because that's what my budget allows. Once I start to use a fabric I can tell if it's one that I can get a lot of good pieces from. If it is..I buy a bit more.

  8. Theresa, you're going to have such fun collecting the Kaffes!! Glorious Color has fabric collections in long 1/4 yards, that's a good start, then you can order a bigger piece of the ones you can't live without. I feel like the little guy with the pitchfork and horns sitting over your shoulder tempting you to click the " buy" button! Happy shopping!! Kim McL

  9. Thanks for all the advice, I think I've now got a plan for stash acquisition starting with the fabric collections. I did email Glorious Color to see when the Stars and Sprigs pattern will be available and hopefully I should only have to wait a couple of weeks until I can order it. In the meantime...I'll work on the stash enhancement part of the project!