Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Roseville package is on the way

I have recieved confirmation that my Roseville kit was sent last Friday and i should get it by the end of this week or early next week. Standing here doing my happy dance lol.

Now to choosing the background well i chose pink with the lime dots, I don't know what came over me to pick that background fabric but everytime i looked at the background choices i came back to the Hydrangea so Hydrangea it is.

Must be a Sagittarius thing I like things to be different and over the top and so this quilt shall be nice bright and funky.

I might have trouble with fabric choices because of the background fabric but who cares its all part of the fun.

See you next time Ladies.

Adele in Oz


  1. I LOVE the background Adele, what fun! My package for hearts and flowers went into the mail last Friday as well...I can't wait for it to arrive. Hopefully we'll both be opening parcels of lush fabric by the end of this week!

  2. I'm also a Sagittarius and picked the white background with black rings and dots for the Roseville pattern. Guess we both like our quilts to be different and fun or could it be that we both like dots....each block I do has dots somewhere in the applique. Anxious to see your first block.

  3. I really like your choice of background. I think pink and yellow go with just about anything and consider them neutrals...but then I'm a Sagittarius too! ;)

  4. Goodness sake, ye gods and goblins! I now know my problem: I'm a Virgo! Could this explain why I'm still on block 1, and my friend Ann has finished 6 in the same amount of time??
    It's not me at all, it's my date of birth! What a relief!
    Adele,consider your background as Ann says, it's a neutral. Just have fun!! Any choice you make is the right one.

  5. Adele, I think your background is excellent, I don't think you'll have any problem with prints on that, in fact it's going to be glorious! All the Kaffe collective works well together because I think the same colour dyes are used in the fabrics.
    All the Sagittarians here,we're outnumbered Brenda! I'm an Aries! Cheers, Kim McL

  6. This is a FABULOUS background fabric!!! Everything will 'go' with it and look smashing, indeed! I can hardly wait to see your first block.

  7. I'm a sagi too... so I TOTALLY love your background!

  8. Hello Ladies

    I knew Julee you were a Sagittarian as i just love your quilt block it is so out there and that background fabric i was thinking along those lines but couldn't really find anything so went with the Hydrangea. You say you love dots well i love stripes there will be most diffently some stripes in this quilt.

    There seems to be a lot of Sagittarian women on here and Brenda my partner and mother are Virgo's and my mother does applique as well she wants everything to be perfect and has a terrible time with wanting to get her applique right and colour oh boy she will unpick and re do it when there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Poor mum. I asked my partner the other virgo in my life about using a piece of fabric for my Sarah Morrell quilt and he took forever to pick a fabric he decided and i said no don't think it is out there enough. lol

    You should of heard him when i said i bought this quilt kit and showed him he said "oh Del Bel that is so over the top".

    Enjoy your day.

    Adele in Oz

  9. I would love to get a poll started just to see how many Sagittarians are actually drawn to this quilt?

    Thats 4 so far :)

    Adele xx

  10. Adele
    I love your choice of background, your blocks will be smashing.
    I am a Virgo.

  11. Hi Adele, Love the background you chose. I'm also waiting for my Roseville kit to come, sent last Friday. Should be here soon. As a Libran, I have real trouble deciding on which fabrics to use, but what a lovely decision to have to make.
    In Melbourne.

  12. I'm a lion. I try doing things the 'common' way, but I usually end up doing totally otherwise (I'm the one with the red background). I usually pick my fabrics quite fast i think.
    Love your background.