Monday, September 13, 2010

Roseville Album & Favorite Applique Tools

I finished my first Roseville Album block!

I've been collecting fabric for a long time to make the Flower Pots quilt but have detoured over to Roseville with Brenda and I'm having a great time working on these. It has however been challenging to work with these fabrics. I'm used to Civil War and 1930s prints. I couldn't help myself and added a couple of reproduction prints to this block but I think they fit in okay.

Brenda and I are determined to have four blocks finished by November. I don't know if we'll make it but we're sure giving it our best try.

Right now I've got fabric spread out all over the place pulling fabrics for the second and third blocks. I need to come up with a neater method for my selection process. I can't imagine pulling fabric for the whole quilt at once.

I've become a big fan of back basting and do almost all my hand applique that way. I use the light box to trace the design on the back of the background fabric and also to position things for fussy cutting and applique. I like Clover applique pins and do my back basting with regular thread because I mark my stitching lines with a regular pencil and either the Clover white marking pen or Bohin marking pencils. I sew with cotton or silk thread depending on the fabric and my mood using size 10 straw needle. I like the new John James Gold'nGlide applique needles. They really do glide through the fabric easier and smoother. Embroidery scissors with a sharp tip are a must and if I want to make circles off the block I use the Perfect Circles. That's about it. Nothing really fancy.

I'm enjoying this blog and seeing what everyone is doing. It's interesting to see how differently the designs are interpreted by each person. What a creative group!


  1. oh fantastic - a new technique to investigate, backbasting! I am learning so much through everyone's generosity in posting! And that block is just fabulous - can't wait to see the rest.

    PS: I am still dying from the cute that is your double acorn pin cushion!!!

  2. Hi Gay, Your block is simply beautiful! I am with you on the mess all the fussy cutting creates, and if you figure out a "neat" way, I would sure like to hear about it. LOL Michele

  3. Your first block is fabulous!
    That Acorn pin cushion caught my eye too. ;)

    I too, would love to find a neat way to spread out my fabrics so I can see all of the various elements/colors in them. Obviously I/we need more space? Does anybody know of an empty Airplane hanger we could use?

  4. Gay,
    Your block is out of this world! Those repros really do work don't they? Enjoy the process.

  5. actually the idea of the airplane hanger is a great one... how where can we find one that is near everybody?

  6. Your block is just absolutely gorgeous, Gay! I am a BIG fan of mixing up fabrics and techniques in the same quilt project. No one says you can't, right?! Repros, Kaffes, hand applique, machine buttonhole...whatever works, moves the project toward completeion and suits YOU! ; )

    Thanks for sharing your notions and techniques too. It is quite interesting to see, read and learn what others do. And, I too happen to just love those little acorns - they're charming!!!

  7. Your Block Is Beautiful, thank you dear friend for so much great advice concerning the fabrics. I can't wait to spread my fabrics out throughout my house and start cutting out the pieces.

  8. oh Gay I am so happy to see you joined the group! I will enjoy seeing your blocks yes ADD those REPROS to your blocks that just makes me happy to see them mixed together!!!!

  9. I really like your block, especially the pink and green, one of my favorite color combinations.

  10. Fantabulous Gay! The fruits look scrumptious enough to eat. Love to see your second block.
    What a cute pin cushion!! Kim McL