Saturday, September 25, 2010

has anyone?

had trouble getting a pattern enlarged??

Husband had a lot of trouble getting the local copy (chain) store to assist him, they didn't, he *only* managed to get the upper half of the heart copied before the machine spat the dummy

result is that it looks like I'll have to wait for my own copy to arrive, instead of starting the medallion using a library copy of the book
still tossing up between getting the whole lot of available fabric from Liza, or starting with stash and buying myself the Lollypop Trees patten and fabric for Christmas (along with an ipod and a workshop with Kaffe Fassett next February :) )


  1. You might try photo copying the page without blowing it up and THEN enlarge the photocopy.

  2. oh what a nuisance - I went along to my local Staples last night to get the Hearts and Flowers enlarged and the guy in there was very helpful. He did do as Liza suggests above though and print out the page regular size before enlarging...I think that was down the type of machine he was using to do the enlarging though, it wasn't a regular photocopier. Hope you manage to get something sorted out.

  3. I just copied the heart in pieces and then taped them was tricky, but worked. I even had 11 x 17 paper in the machine! No matter how I tried I couldn't get it on one sheet.

  4. If you to the print store that specializes in architect printing, they'll be able to enlarge the small drawings from a book. If you live in Sydney, Lindfield Printing does them. Kim McL

  5. I do not have any experience enlarging patterns. That said, I have decided to make this quilt, using machine applique, and the pattern UN-enlarged...!