Monday, September 13, 2010

My Lollypop Trees Harmony

Id' love to begin my "Lollypop Trees" quilt but...
I'm still waiting for my Piece O' Cake DVD which should help me to stitch this lovely pattern dans les règles de l'art.

2 weeks!

I'm waiting since 2 endless weeks checking my letterbox every single day...
It's coming from US so you can imagine -US-Belgium- even more exciting than a tennis match between Venus Williams & Kim Clijsters;)

A bientôt!


  1. Hi Sonja, hopefully you find it worth the wait! I received my copy last week and while they do some things quite differen tly to how I am doing my applique on Lollypop Trees (using vinyl overlays for example) it is all very interesting and I have picked up many tips I will be giving a try.

  2. What a gorgeous photo Sonja, I can feel your anticipation you wait for the mail. The DVD is very good and you should be stitching very soon.

  3. oh maybe you could lay out your first couple of blocks and have them basted down ready to applique after you watch your DVD when it arrives!
    beautiful picture!
    lovely fabrics.

  4. You will have so much fun.....
    They are normally very good posting and I am sure you will get it very soon.


  5. Oooh!!! HuRrY uP!!! Your fabrics look lovely. I'm hoping that DVD wings it's way to you right QUICK!!! Meanwhile, I agree with Kathie, perhaps begin to prep a block or two by choosing fabrics and such. Oh the anticipation...

  6. I LOVE the Po'C DVD -- it's what taught me to needleturn applique after years of deciding I could never do it! It WILL be worth the wait! The "go-along" book is The New Applique Sampler: How to Applique the Piece O' Cake Way -- perhaps it's in your library (or your local lending library) and you can use the information/photos in it to get you started!
    Mary Lou

  7. Look forward to seeing your first block Sonja! The photograph looks fantastic. I think you should have fun doing this quilt & it is not that hard to applique. Cheers, Kim McL

  8. Hi Sonja, hmm, two weeks is a tad long - it really shouldn't take that long but ... I'm sorry to say sometimes things get stuck in customs upon entering Belgium - I once had something sitting there for 5 weeks! I would suggest you check with Piece o' Cake and see if they have a tracking number for you .. then you can check on-line to see where it is. By the way, I'm in Belgium too .. in Kalken (9270) and I love to applique - if you'd ever like to meet up I'm sure I could give you some tips :)

  9. How exciting and what lovely fabrics! (I suggest you do everything you can before it comes (cooking, cleaning, shopping, & old projects) because you may become engrossed in the pattern once it arrives! ;)

  10. I know that feeling of waiting and will be worth it when it gets there.
    I can't wait to see your block.
    I took an applique class with Becky Goldsmith, she is wonderful and all of her tips and techniques were great. I use them all the time. Best of luck.

  11. I love the way you photographed your fabrics and pattern. Very artistic!
    I agree with Donna..take this time to get some things done so you can jump right into your applique...and like Kathie and SewPam said..maybe select the fabrics for your first block or two?
    It's so hard to wait! :)

  12. Sonja,
    I once took a class with Becky Goldsmith and I have the dvd. She is the same in person as on tape. Very nice and very clear spoken. I use some of their methods and some from other applique artists. Whatever works for you is your right way. Have fun!!

  13. Sonja,
    I, too, recommend you start selecting fabrics for the first block at least...that in itself may take the two weeks! Ask me how I know! I'm still choosing leaves for the center block.However, I have been peaking at some fabrics for Block #2. It may get easier....
    Just enjoy the Journey!

  14. Love your fabric for these blocks..I'm sure the DVD will come soon..