Thursday, September 23, 2010

joining in.....


my name is Christine and I've been accepted to this blog

I have wanted to make the "Hearts and Flowers"quilt since I picked up Quilt Romance

just lately, my husband, (also a quilter) has expressed an interest in other Kim McLean patterns.  Not sure if he wants to make one, or is just enabling me

was wondering if there was a site anywhere that showed pictures of ALL Kaffe Fassett fabrics? 

the stash is meager but I'm not sure just what "bits" I have...and I would like to keep as much to the listed fabrics as I can

hope to post again soon wit a progress picture

christine (collins)


  1. Christine, check out the Glorious Color website: Their link is on our side bar. Be ready to ShOp 'til ya DrOp!!! ; ) Have FUN...

  2. Hi Christine
    For Kim's patterns there are no "listed" fabrics. Kim has a HUGE stash and not all the fabrics she uses are from the Kaffe Collective (includes Brandon Mably and Philip Jacobs)
    She uses hundreds of fabrics in her quilts. Many of those fabrics have been unavailable for years.
    My advice is to choose fabrics you love and want to work with. If you love Kim's original version of a quilt, then use the photo as a guide for selecting a palette but dont try to match each bit. You will go mad and wont have time to sew!
    Have fun.

  3. Hi Christine..welcome to the group. It would be great fun if you and your husband shared a pattern? ;)
    If you go to the Glorious Color site and click on the color selector you'll be able to choose fabrics easier? :)

  4. Hello Chrsitine, Welcome to you and your husband. It would be great to have your husband join in. He won't be alone. As for fabrics, Glorious Color is fantastic, and I keep my eyes open when ever I go to a quilt shop. Many have old Kaffe, that they just couldn't sell, and they are treasures.


  5. I would be absolutely delighted if my husband wanted to get involved with my quilting. His only contribution (which I am tremendously grateful for) is to pay for all my quilting paraphernalia. I have a son that is good with color and balance so I always have him check out my blocks on the design floor before I sew them together. Welcome aboard. . ..

  6. Hi Christine,

    Liza at Glorious Color sells the long 1/4 yrd collection every season - this is a good way to start a stash, then you can get more of the ones you can't live without!I think it's more important to have a lot of variety in small amounts. The good part with the Kaffes is that you can use the same fabric for lots of things in the quilt. I've found that you can build entire birds and flowers from the different areas in the one fabric, try it, it's really fun.
    Once you get into cutting the pieces out of the fabric, you'll start seeing the fabric in a different way, suddenly the fabric is not what you see as is, but as a source for a lot of components. I hope I'm making sense here! In classes, that is what I do, show people how to use the fabric.

    Wow, must be fun to have a quilter husband! Mine shudders everytime the fabric parcel arrives, eyes rolling etc. Do you do the same kind of quilts?

    Look forward to seeing your fist block! Cheers, Kim McL

  7. Dear Christine,
    Kim's statement,"Once you get into cutting the pieces out of the fabric, you'll start seeing the fabric in a different way, suddenly the fabric is not what you see as is, but as a source for a lot of components," is the best description I've ever seen regarding using these fabrics. It is also exactly what has happened to me. Of course, I'm still on my first block(the compote in the center of the Roseville Album), but I'm already seeing components in the fabrics as opposed to the big print. It's like the old adage about the forest and the trees...So, jump in and enjoy the Journey!