Saturday, September 11, 2010

First Roseville Block

Dear Friends,

Have been reading your posts with a great deal of excitement. What beautiful work you are doing! I started my first block two weeks ago. I was certain I would finish one block a week! Well, here it is...still in progress. Since I have a habit of pulling and prepping many blocks at a time and never getting them stitched, I'm not moving on until this block is complete....

Hope you like my pear... pulling these fabrics is killing me!

Thank you all for sharing your applique, and thank you, Kim, for these wonderful patterns!




  1. Gorgeous block Brenda! I agree..choosing the fabrics is the hardest part. Once you have a block or two done it gets easier to make the choices.

  2. I agree that choosing fabrics takes much(!!) longer than it seems like it should (how to explain to a non-quilter that you spent an hour choosing one bird wing). I really like the fabric you used for your bowl--it's lovely. And, your pear fabric makes me curious about the pieces and fabrics we've yet to see...

  3. I love the fabric you used for your bowl.

  4. lol, I LOVE your pear! I love finding a few surprises hidden in someone's quilt. Can't wait to see more (no pressure though!).

  5. Love the fabric in your vase...Lovely block.

  6. I love you block, that is really a good idea to just have one block prepped. I can not wait to get started on my lollipops. Spent a lot of time looking at the fabric for sure.


  7. I LOVE your sense of humor and whimsy, Brenda!!! I also REALLY love it when a block/quilt makes you look twice..."Did I just see a skeleton in that pear...?!" GREAT job choosing fabrics, AND posting too!!! ; )

  8. This is a really fun block Brenda! Love the vase fabric and also the pear!! Look forward to seeing more. I'm really enjoying reading this blog, its so much fun. Cheers, Kim McL