Monday, September 6, 2010

I was reading Kathy's blog and realized DUH I forgot about using a paper window "template" to audition the print before I fussy cut the fabrics for my applique...
oh yes you can bet I tried it out right away...
now I have swiss cheese fabric!!!!

Isn't it funny how we just forget about these little tricks, boy am I glad I read her blog!
this is going to help me a lot with the Roseville album quilt.
after I cut out my 2 flower pieces see that little piece cut out...yes it became a circle for somewhere in the quilt
right away! I love these perfect circles by Karen Kay Buckley I use them all the time.

Maybe tomorrow I will give you a preview of my next block....hope to get to applique this afternoon....
Enjoying the beautiful weather we are finally having here after this long hot summer


  1. Kathie
    That swiss cheese fabric is one of my all time favorites.

  2. I would love to know what fabric that is....I don't recognize it at all. Michele

  3. The templates for auditioning are a great idea (I have been trying to use the leftover paper from cutting out the pieces with mixed results, or holding the pieces and fabric up to the light.) This is a much effective solution for those difficult pieces.

  4. Beautiful, Kathie! I love the low cal content of swiss cheese fabric... ; )