Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ok I'm ready for it

Hi my name is Adele and Im a Lurker

I wasn't going to start the Roseville quilt i was going to wait to see what the Kim Mclean Flower Basket quilt pattern would be like and then toss up between which one i liked the most, but seen as the Australian Dollar is good in America at the moment i decided to buy the Roseville kit,pattern and background fabric although the postage to Australia will be quiet expensive (around the $100.00) mark but the Roseville quilt is just too hard to resist.

Im looking forward to starting this quilt as if i need another one but it will be a nice change from the reproduction style applique quilts i love making.

Adele in Oz


  1. Welcome, Adele!!! May your post be speedy! ; )

  2. Hi Adele,
    you may be pleasantly surprised as the shipping for international is an estimate and usually comes out lower if you got the goodies at GC.
    I hope you get lovely mail soon so you can make a start.

  3. Thats excellent thanks Janet. I did get the kit and fabric from GC.

    So with the balance of the shipping i will save it up for the next pattern release next year from Kim Mclean.

    Adele xx

  4. Hello Adele..welcome. I'm glad you decided to go for it. The shipping is crazy..but the pattern and kit are a good value? You'll be making an heirloom! :)

  5. Hi Adele,
    You're going to have such fun collecting the Kaffes, I did! Postage is always a problem, but its really fun when the package arrives. If you live in Sydney, a quilt store " Material Obsession" ( click on Kathy on the list on the right) is a great place to go for Kaffe's fabrics and the ladies there are lovely. Look forward to seeing your first block! KIm McL