Saturday, September 25, 2010

Great Inspiration

I have been away and I wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed reading everyone's progress reports.
I prepped two blocks to work on while away and have one finished except for the circles and the other is half finished.
Eager to finish my blocks after laundry and yard cleanup.

Kim, I was wondering what inspired you to design Roseville?


  1. Hi Denise, I've had these naive Baltimore blocks in my head for a long time, it was just getting them on paper that took a while. I did 9 of them for the RA, but there are a lot more floating around between my ears. I love those Baltimores, especially the naive ones.I also love birds and animals and houses in the old album quilts. I thought if I combine them all into the one quilt, it will get the idea out of my system. I've made a "formal" one mostly in red/green and another one from the Mary Manakee pattern. No reason really for doing the RA, something to do? Kim McL

  2. Kim..If you have more ideas for naive style Album blocks...get them on paper! I absolutely LOVE these blocks. The birds/animals sold the pattern to me. Another quilt with this same feel would be a must do for me! :)

  3. Thanks Kim, always great to hear what inspires designers.
    What has inspired you to design the blocks has inspired me to make the quilt, I love animals.

  4. Thanks for this post and question, Denise! Thanks, Kim, for your response. It is intriguing to learn the how's and why's of things. I must agree with Ann...put pen to paper!!!

  5. OK girls, but aren't you going to be tired of doing the same kind of stuff after you've done the RA? I've got a few more animals that I want to do, but the horses and cats I usually put in because we've had them as pets ( my daughter's) We don't have any now, horses have gone into retirement and both cats have gone to the Puss Heaven, we had them for 18 yrs! I have the birds all over the garden still which is nice. KIm McL

  6. I'd never tire of doing this sort of quilt. I loved doing the birds in the Princess Feather. I'm saving the panels on RA as my reward for getting the center done.( a need a reward..I'm having a blast!) ;)
    More! More! More!