Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Let's Start at the Very Beginning

It's the only place I can start blogging here, as I haven't actually SEWN anything yet. I did however pick my background:
Ordered it, waited until it arrived and then promptly changed my mind because this arrived:

Which is a spot from my own new fabric line! How exciting to be able to use my very own spot, so I did. It's Ok though, I think the other spot has a new home with something else I'm appliquing.
I've been really enjoying reading everyone's posts and seeing what you're all sewing so beautifully, and I thought I'd add my two cents to how I applique. These are the tools I use.

Applique glue from Patchwork With Busy Fingers, Roxanne's #10 Sharps, my favourite tweezer scissors for getting down into tight curves, and Tre Stelle 100 thread, which is SO fine and beautiful to sew with and comes in delicious shades.

I've decided on the Roseville Album, and I've been playing with fabrics and colours. When I get a block cut out I will show you, and tell you how I use the gel pen too.
Now I just need to get some sewing time and I'm all set!


  1. Oh that purple spot would be just wonderful to use as the background for my Roseville Album, is it available as yet? Love it

  2. I'm glad you like it Christine! No it's not available yet but it will be early next year. The line is called From Little Things and it's being printed by Lecien.

  3. A purple spot is just what I searched for, then had to go with blue. Glad one's available soon--I'll be watching for it and your first block of the Roseville.

  4. I think your choice is spot on, lol. How about telling us more about the thread? I've never heard of it.

  5. oh thats a perfect background! how exciting can't wait to see your first block. Congrats again for your 1st of many fabric lines.... NOW those scissors tweezers look like something I need where did you find them?

  6. Welcome, Sarah!!! Polka dots are a favorite of mine, and to sew with your very own dots?!?!? Well, that must be quite a thrill!!! ; ) CONGRATS! Do share a bit of info regarding your thread, please. Is it cotton, silk? Where is it made? What colors are available?

  7. I can hardly think of anything more exciting than YOUR OWN FABRIC that you designed. Can't wait to see your progress!

  8. Sarah,
    A big Congratulations on your new fabric line! That is so cool! Just checked your blog and saw it all. I'm curious about the thread too-I've not ever heard of it either.

  9. What great fun to be able to use fabric that you've designed! I look forward to seeing your first block. Choosing the fabrics is the hardest part..and you've made a great choice for your background.

  10. Thanks everyone for the fabric love! Very exciting. I'm giving some away actually if you want to pop over the blog and try your hand at winning some ;-) The thread is Italian, it is 100% cotton, 60 weight, and very fine and smooth to sew with. I am completely addicted. Here is their website:

    and I get mine from Sue Spargo.

    She has the whole range, and I don't know anyone in Australia who stocks it so that's where I get it. Sue has a great program where you can get threads a month from her until you have all the colours.

    The tweezer scissors are my favourite applique tool as they are SO sharp and the cut right where you put the point, instead of next to where you put the point. I do however have trouble finding them. There is an Australian distributor who was doing them but now isn't - every time I see them I buy 5 pairs. When I find someone who has them next I will let you all know! Maybe at Market in Houston there might be someone.

  11. Fabulous to see your very own fabric here Sarah, I'm thrilled you are doing the Roseville, but want to see more of that gorgeous piece you are working on!