Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tool of the Trade

Well, opening up my thread holder, it fell, a little organizing to do. I use Aurifil 50 or Mettler 60, or Masterpiece. Haven't really tried any of the silk I have..

I needle turn, so have the toothpick, the overlay, the circles, the "General's" Charcoal white pencils and very short applique pins (Bohin). I love my little black serrated scissors, and the pointy, pointy Clover scissors, too. There's a sandpaper board and the lap board, as well.

Very hard to do without the Clover Needle threader..

I took the vertical spool holder of my old Bernina and stood it up under my pincushion in the little basket.

My sewing box came from Mont St. Michel... I fell in love with the poster hanging in my 7th grade French class, and got to see it in person when my son spent a year at a French University not far away. The box held cookies before it held my paraphernalia, and now is a nifty reminder of a wonderful trip.

I just finished the 4th leaf of my first block! Time to prep some more pieces.

Kathy DB in Seattle


  1. I am definitely going to have to try the overlay technique on one of my lollypop tree blocks. love that riot of coloured thread in the first pic. I'm loving the silk threads I've been using but I think I'll try the cottons you mention too - I've used Aurifil wool threads for a while now and love them so i'll give the 50wt a go too.

  2. I mostly use AUrifil threads also. And I try desperately to keep everything in an old cookies tin, but I keep using half of the whole 2-persons couch as a notions keeper. I sit on the other half. Luckely for me, my family has learned to live with that. The 4 of them use the other couch. Kind of luxury, don't you think?:-)
    I do clean out the couch when I know we have company. Otherwise it's hopeless.

  3. What a beautiful array of threads! i really like your tool box too. It's nice that it's a reminder of fun times. :)

  4. I love your "salad" of thread colors. Doesn't look like you're short of anything there. I love my Clover threader too.

    Have you been able to find a lot of colors in the Masterpiece?

  5. Such FUN you have there, Kathy!!! I am loving that schnazzy blue leaf. ; )

  6. It's kind of fun perving at other people's sewing baskets!! Those threads look really nice, what are Aurifil? Are they cotton or silk or something else - I sort of vaguely remember seeing them somewhere and I thought they're for machine embroidery. I bought a box of silk threads in 50 weight and they were quite a lot thicker than the YLI 100s. The block you're working on is looking great. Kim McL

  7. What I love about the thread holders is the threading of the cotton through the ultrasuede to pull them through. I feel like coming over to organise it for you, lol. That leaf is looking wonderful.