Monday, September 27, 2010

Getting Started - Lollipop Trees

Well I had 2 potential backgrounds lined up for my Lollipop trees but kept having visions of bright fabrics on a dark background, so the spots were put aside for black. This then presented the problem of how to transfer the design to the fabric? Tried the window good, remembered the overlay method for placing the shapes, but had no vinyl/plastic on hand.

Then I remembered seeing Shirley's Hearts & Flowers applique with the design tacked onto the background & had an idea. What if I trace the pattern onto plain tissue paper, pin this to the fabric, tack the design through both layers & then gently tear off the tissue once done?.... guess what, it worked! I haven't bothered tacking in all the smaller circles as these can be easily placed once the main larger pieces have been stitched. I was wondering if there are any other ways of transfering the design to dark fabric?

Now I just have to decide which applique method to use: needleturn, front basting or Floriani stitch & wash? Oh decisions, decisions......


  1. Another overlay option is Parchment paper -- if you have any in the kitchen, that is! LOL It's see through, and more environmentally friendly :-) than plastic. There are always good quilting tools in the kitchen. The problem is getting distracted by what ELSE is in the kitchen (and I'm not talking about the dishes! LOL)
    Mary Lou

  2. You can also use Mesh Transfer, this is a sheet of thin plastic with little holes in it.
    You can trace the patern on the Mesh transfer with a pencil and trace the pattern again on your fabric. Because off the little holes in sheet the pencil marks goes right trough the holes and leave a dotted line on the fabric.
    In the Netherlands this Mesh Transfer is for sale at the quiltshop.

  3. Mmmm. I REALLY like this dark background. : ) Two other tracing options, that I know of, are Transdoodle paper and Saral paper. I think your method was quite clever, creative and it WORKED!

  4. Another method i have used for appliquing onto dark fabric is i think it is called dress making transfer paper its a product by Clover it comes in a packet with green, yellow and red chalk paper.

    You put your fabric rightside up then the layer of the paper colour side down and then you put your pattern on top and trace and your left with a chalk layout of your design and the line does fade away with handling but i just went over it again with a white chalk pencil. I did do what you were doing and after the third block got bored with it so this is another option for you.

    Hope it helps

    Adele in Australia

  5. i think your method is great! i did machine stitching on black, for a few crows I wanted to applique, by stitching right through the regular paper I had printed the shapes on. maybe it would save having to trace on tissue...??

  6. That is exactly how I was taught to mark a design for applique in the first place Gisele and sometimes the old tried and tested methods are the best and in this case I would say it was because of your dark background. If you tear away the tissue paper carefully then you can use that to pin to your fabric for a template. It is going to look so vibrant against that black background.
    Love Shirley.

  7. If it works and you like it then that's the best method. The colours are going to pop on the black, I can't wait to see your first block.

  8. What a cool method! I've never heard of it before, but will definitely remember it whenever I decide to do a dark background....And now I am intrigued. I can't wait to see those colors pop on the black!

  9. Gisele, I think the dark fabric will work really well, Liza has been doing hers on the dark Aboriginal Dots and it looks superb. Look forward to seeing your fabrics and the colours on it. What a great method too, have never seen that before. I'm learning so much from this blog!
    Cheers, Kim McL

  10. I like the idea of the dark background to make your color pop!
    It looks like you've found a great way to mark the layout? :)

  11. All of those bright colours are going to look absolutely fantastic on this black background - I can't wait to see your first block Gisele.