Monday, September 27, 2010


Just curious. What is your favorite Kaffe fabric. How about Philip Jacobs' and Brandon Mably's fabrics?

My favorite Kaffe fabric is Paperweight in sludge
Philip is Lilac Rose in lilac
Brandon is Fish Lips in grey

Of course, tomorrow I will probably have 3 other choices.


  1. My fav Kaffe fabric is still Lotus leaf in umber,Philip Jacobs is Coleus in teal(newly discovered) and for Brandon's...... Beaded tents in ochre.

  2. Oh gosh how does one pick a favorite Kaffe!!
    It's a toss up between Lotus Leaf, Rosette, Cloisonne and Lake Blossoms in any color.

    Brandon- Scales in blue

    Philip - Garden Party - maroon or Rambling Rose - Red

  3. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ALL of Kaffe's fabrics!!! But, if I could only choose one, it would be...Roman Glass - Pastel

    Waves - Lipstick

    Coleus - Grey

    Tough question, Liza!

  4. whatever I have in my hand at the time?? :)

  5. What an exciting question, Liza, thank's for asking!!!
    I must say my favorite fabric depends on the harmony I'm working on. Most of the time I'm redish and pinkish but for the moment I'm really pastel and greyish!
    Still there is one KF fabric that I have and cherish a lot: KASHMIR FLORAL GREY (I had to check twice in order to be sure it was a KF fabric! It's so different;)))
    Brandon - Blue Babble/Pink Babble
    Philip - Pastel Begonia Leaves

  6. And I love all the BROKADE collection:)))

  7. Indeed, it is an interesting question, Liza!
    Kaffe's Magenta Bekah, Phillips's Red Varied Leaves and Brandon's Ochre Beaded Tents are my favorites of the week. Hmmmmmm there's that red creeping in again....
    Have fun stitching!

  8. I love the polka dots (go figure)! And I love the Coleus any of the colorways. I don't know I will have to go fondle my stash and see what else pops up! ;-)

  9. Golly Liza, that's a tough question! Love them all,I've used some of those fabrics for clothing too and love waering the skirts! However, I'm very much of the pink girl in summer. Kim McL