Friday, September 17, 2010

Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza XVII

Yesterday I went to the quilt show and met Liza Lucy. She graciously let me take my picture with her. If you are anywhere close to being able to get there you must go!
The Glorious Color booth was a riot of color. I overheard one woman say "looking at all these colors just makes me feel good".
I bought even more fabric here for my Roseville Quilt and I bought some solids that I may piece a quilt with in the near future.
For more information about the show you can go to


  1. Oh My Kelly, you lucky thing, I would love to meet Liza!!! How awesome to see the Glorious Colour booth. Thanks for sharing, unfortunately living in Australia I won't be getting to the show myself!

  2. Wish I was there! Hi Kelly & Liza!
    I agree - the riot of colour does make you smile.
    Kim McL

  3. How fun to have a meet and greet. The colours are feel good, excellent way to describe them.

  4. You lucky duck! What great fun to meet Liza and see her and all of the fabrics in person. They ARE joyful aren't they?
    I wish I could have gone to the show. I always get so inspired seeing others' work. :)

  5. I am sorry to not be able to make it to the Show. I've been hearing good things about it though! ; ) Uh, it's not called GLORIOUS COLOR for nothing...right?!?!?! It's ViBrAnT, fUn, SmIlE, fEeL gOoD, yUmMy LoVe!!!

  6. how wish I would have known you were there I was there too!

  7. Kathie I didn't know which day I was going to be there. I can't drive yet so I went along with friends who were nice enough to take me. I am going tomorrow as well, if anyone is going to be there let me know I would love to meet you!

  8. what a great photo!! i am missing DaShow.. teaching in MD tomorrow

  9. What a Great opportunity to meet up...Love the Booth..